Child Poverty Under Campbell

Anyone watching the puffball election ads by Premier Photo-Op may notice that he brushes on child poverty.

He doesn't say he will do anything about it, but instead brushes over it as if he didn't cause the problems and may fix them.

Every ad he puts out says nothing but "you need to vote for me because I have a good record".

So for an indepth study on just how bad this fool is on Child Poverty I recommend reading what really happened under Campbells' watch at BC Liberals Suck


kootcoot said...

I've seen Gordon Campbell on TeeVee and he assured me, and I quote - "I'm all about the children." He also added that "as a former educator (?) (and of course being all about the children) he was very concerned about the education of our young 'uns.

I thought his exe was the "educator" in the family. To watch him claim to be all about the children is like imagining Hitler saying that he is all about the Jews. Of course Gordo doesn't kill the children, he just makes far too many live in poverty and do without educational resources, thus only killing their spirit and opportunities.

Maybe he just mis-spoke in forgetting to explain he meant to say he was all about the children of only his rich friends - and loves to subsidize their ability to attend private schools.

After closing hundreds of schools, forcing long bus rides to distant towns on many children - and then refusing to fund his own gas tax or pay increases, not to mention other rising costs - some districts (like Central Okanagan) have been forced to impose a school bus fare of twenty dollars per student/per month on parents.

I would be doubly cheesed off if my child had previously been able to walk or bicycle to a now closed and closer school.

Pitchforks anyone?

Let's ride the Campbell Crime Family out of town on the BC Rail - NO CHARGE (excepting applicable criminal charges, of course).

Gary E said...

It's too bad the masses at the coast don't have first hand knowledge of the mess he has created in the Interior Koot. I'd sure like to hear what is going on with their schools.

I mentioned your reference to Hitler to the bride and she said "that's for sure". She doesn't vote NDP nor Liberal although I'm trying to swing her vote to NDP.