Evidence of BC Rail Privatization Prior to 1987

From Take Back the Power

In 1987, a how-to of sorts on privatizing the business units within BC Hydro was developed by the up-and-coming private sector champion, David Emerson. Writing as a member of the provincial government’s “Private Sector Task Force on Privatization,” Emerson’s report identified likely “candidates” for privatization.

Included in the list are the now sold: Rail and Gas Divisions and those pegged as “extremely controversial” such as the Hydro-electrical Group. There was even a recommendation around the yet-to-be-built, Site C, Dam. Emerson and the privacy czars of the day considered Site C “a good opportunity for the private sector.”

In writing on April 28, 1987 about how to break up Hydro Emerson states: "the rail division is arguably too small to stand alone and here again, private sale or merger with another railway or transportation company appears feasible. Consideration should be given to merging Hydro Rail with BC Rail with the ultimate privatization decision focused on BC Rail and its augmented components."

So there it is. David Emerson one time Federal Liberal, who jumped ship to the Conservatives, planning 22 years ago to Privatize Hydro and in the process mentioning that BC Rail should ultimately be privatized.

But before any of this could be brought to fruition The NDP won an election. So all this was shelved. Until in 1996 Campbell stated he would privatize/sell BC Rail. Many think that this statement cost the Liberals the election that year. So in 2001 he did a complete 360 stating repeatedly that he would not sell the Railway.
Some of the chronology in the lead up to the sale has been published at Marys' Place with some excellent information from Paul Nettleton the onetime liberal who quit the party to become an independent over the decision to sell the rail.


Anonymous said...

can some body explained to me why is the public in british columbia is so apathetic towards the campbell government privatizing both the bc rail and bc hydro? Does any body care anymore?

Gary E said...

Anon 1:28AM

I really don't think there is a lot of apathy towards these privatizations. There are just a lot of people out there so pissed that they are waiting silently until election day. I could be wrong but when I got a conversation going yesterday in the Barber Shop, the sparks were really flying. Campbell isn't very well liked not only for his treatment of children and seniors, but also the Railway, Hydro, the forestry and our health care.
I personally think that the lack of reporting on the sleazy way he is doing things and the utter lack of indepth reporting is the reason for an appearance of apathy.Citizens are not being informed with the facts by the mainstream print,TV,and radio media in BC. I'm not sure how many people read The Tyee but there is plenty of discussion over there. And it appears that the government has sent there main trolls there.
And by the way The Tyee reports both sides of the coin. Just read this mornings edition. I don't see that type of reporting in The Sun, Province, nor the VTC.

So Anon 1:28AM lets just see what the Final Poll on May 12 brings.

Get out and vote folks. It's your life we are talking about.

Rag Machine said...

"There are just a lot of people out there so pissed that they are waiting silently until election day"I hope you're right Gary. I despair, and even wonder whether I even want to live where I'm apparently surrounded by people who feel the way the recent polls would seem to indicate. But then I remember who's commissioning the polls, and I can begin to relax, until I hear the next ridiculous ConLib claim that would be an indictable offense, if made under oath!

Rag Machine said...

Hi again, I forgot to mention that I'm glad to see you finally were able to get onto Emerson's skullduggery back in ancient times. I kept meaning to do so, but I can't even keep up with my own ideas and things I stumble on or trip over without even trying!

I might go hide on the wild side of the lake for a day or two starting May 13, if it ain't too cold. If King Gord wins (shudder) I may move to the wild side of the lake and be mistaken for Sasquatch when next seen by civilized humans!

Gary E said...

Welcome Rag Machine. To the commentor section of my blog.

The only poll that matters is the one on May 12.Most pf the polling is done, I allege by biased pollsters. Although Glen Robbins of Robbins Sce Research has some polls that are radically different from people like Mustel. I haven't had a chance to research him indepthbut a few other blogs do mention him.

As far as hiding on the wild side of the lake if things go south for the NDP. The bride and I have already discussed a move out of BC altogether. I was born in Northern Ontario where the climate and the pine trees (not beetle infested) are similar to where we now live.
As I only resided in Ontario for the first 11 months of my life, and a brief stint in the RCAF, I will have to research the politics there quite extensively before moving.
Its' not hard being mistaken for a Sasquatch especially for me after a 7 month growth on my face.
Again, thanks for stopping by.