More silence on the fish farms

As Alexandra Morton writes weekly letters to the Federal fisheries minister and Gordon they keep ignoring her.
Following is an excerpt from her latest letter to Shae and Campbell:

"Premier Campbell 13,094 people have signed letters to you on this issue but there remains confusion over your position on salmon farms. You have suggested on your website that you do not intend to attempt to regain control of fish farms following my constitutional challenge which removed salmon farms to the Federal government. However, you have joined the Norwegian fish farm corporation Marine Harvest in their appeal challenging this BC Supreme Court decision. Your actions contradict your words."

The arrogance is overwhelming. I can only suspect that they are delaying action until after the provincial election in hopes that Campbell will get re elected

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Anonymous said...

Fish Farms equals wild fish fatality. Why? It is the transfer of the fishery 'wealth' from the many to the few. Destroy the 'wild' stock and the fish farms now get the dollars from the sports fishery, the commercial fishery and allied businesses. It is all about money and political payola plain and simple. The present bunch in Victoria have sold their collective souls to the manna of greed. (Why else have so many of Campbell's crew bailed for directorships in the 'Robber Baron' private sector. MONEY< MONEY< MONEY as the song goes.