BC Hydro Pays Corporate Welfare to ROR Projects

In a time when we have the highest unemployment rate in the country and thousands of homeless people, our government has given corporate welfare to the Run of the River projects.
If these outfits were truly run of the river they would not be allowed to alter streams and dig diverting 20km tunnels.

For those who don't know how the Gordon Campbell government raped our Hydro and our rivers read John Calvert's report at Take Back the Power.

"The government also, ‘sweetened’ the package for private energy investors by including a provision in the most recent energy call for BC Hydro to reimburse power producers for the property taxes they pay on their power plants. And the price it pays private developers for their energy is now partially indexed to inflation."

Read the whole report and find out just how much this Campbell government has given away. Without any consultation with you or I.

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