Alexandra Mortons' Fish Farm Fight

The following letter was received in my gmail account today April 25 2009 Alexandra Morton has been frustrated in her requests to Ottawa to take action on the fish farms in BC.
Hello All:

The Federal government wants to know if Gordon Campbell intends to try and win back the right to regulate fish farms.

As it stands, Marine Harvest filed a “notice of appeal” and the Province joined in this appeal by filing an “appearance”. This is an ambiguous state of affairs. While Gordon Campbell has not publicly appealed my Constitutional Challenge, he has reserved the right to send lawyers to defend the Province’s right to regulate and site fish farms.

If the Province did not want salmon farms back, they would not have filed an “appearance.”

The Province has no responsibility to protect wild fish, the Federal Government does.

There is something you can do. Contact the Liberal MLA candidates running in this Provincial election and ask them what they will do if elected? Give up the right to regulate fish farms in the ocean, or fight to win this back. If they plan to give it up why have they filed an appearance in Marine Harvest’s appeal?

You can find the Liberal MLA emails at http://www.bcliberals.com/

This is very important.

Alexandra Morton

Previously, she had sent the following e-mail to the Federal Fisheries Minister and to Gordon Campbell.

Dear Fisheries Minister the Honourable Gail Shea and Premier Gordon Campbell:

12,018 people have signed a letter over the past month and half asking only that you apply the Fisheries Act to the salmon ocean feedlots in Canada and we still have not heard back.

The Fisheries Act is a powerful piece of Canadian legislation written to protect the extremely valuable wild fish populations of Canada. It is the law, not an optional course of action.

The letter is at www.adopt-a-fry.org The Letter.

We continue to stand-by,

Alexandra Morton

It's not surprising that Gordon Campbell treats the citizens of this province with contempt. But Ottawa? It begs the question is Harper in bed with Campbell or vise versa?
By this I mean are the two levels of government keeping this quiet and delaying the process until after the May 12 election. And for what reason? To stave off embarrassment? It certainly appears that way.

Write your MP's and MLA's. We need answers.

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