Errors in the Ballot From Elections BC

This email is making the rounds and I feel that all bases need to be covered.

*This advice re: the HST referendum*

If anyone gets their ballot envelope and there is no ballot inside.
please contact thand@island.net immediately

This is very important so please pass this along to everyone you know
asking them to do the same.

Also, please read the directions on the envelope and put your
birthdate in the order that is requested – if wrong it could be

*More on the HST referendum:

Another thing I have noticed is that some households are getting only one ballot where multiple people should be getting them. When Elections BC is called and challenged on this they say that people are not registered. In one case I know, all people in the house voted in the last election. 

All I can say is CHALLENGE EBC to prove you are not registered. Do it on the phone and don't hang up until you are satisfied that an error (if made) is corrected and you are having the ballot mailed right away. The Number to call is 1-800-661-8683 or visit their website at www.elections.bc.ca

If you are having trouble get hold of me. I'll see what can be done. If you don't want your comment posted please mark it "NOT FOR PUBLICATION" But make sure you give all the facts.

This Referendum is your life. You need to vote.

VOTE YES TO CANCEL THE HST. And look at the facts. Such as the HST has not been lowered to 10% and that is not going to happen any time soon. If ever. Remember, if we don't vote this down now we will lose the Provinces ability to set our own taxes. And you as a taxpayer will be shouldered with paying for Businesses taxes.

There are many local (BC) bloggers who have some great input on the HST. Some of whom are listed in my bloglist here. 


Anonymous said...

I registered in June but didn't received the voting package so I had to called in. Election BC said that they don't have me on record so I registered again. I think Election BC is not doing it's job and might on purpose not registering people so that people can't vote. Let see if I will really get my HST referendum voting package. A lot of people will not noticed that they haven't gotten their voting package and it will be too late to register again. Especially if people think that they are already registered. Government is scamming us once again and taking away our right to vote!

Gary E said...

Anon 5:27 pm and others

If I read your comment correctly you said you re-registered as a voter.

Do you have a voters card from the 2009 election? Or have you any proof that you voted in that election?

Just because they say you are not registered doesn't make it so. Neither does your (possible) claim that you were registered. If you have proof then they must allow you to vote on the ballot.

Now. If you re-registered because you thought you may not have been a registered in the 2009 PROVINCIAL Election then you have a problem. YOU MUST HAVE BEEN A REGISTERED VOTER IN THE 2009 PROVINCIAL GENERAL ELECTION to be eligible to cast a vote on the ballot.

Please feel free to forward any information to me that may help your cause.