Something Fishy With The HST Ballot Returns

 From the Globe and Mail

Elections BC’s collection centre for HST ballots in the city of Vancouver is centrally located – across the street from city hall, down the road from Vancouver General Hospital and a block away from a Canada Line subway station.
The referendum may have been hotly contested but you’d never know it at the collection centre. At noon on Monday, the office was empty........[snip]

Further to this, I have been getting reports of only one ballot being sent to a residence where multiple eligible  voters live.

If you have not received your Ballot please call Elections BC at 1-800-661-8683 This is the voter registration office. Call to make sure you are registered.. If you are registered and there are no errors then request a ballot be sent to your address. If they say you are not registered, yet you voted in the last Provincial election (May 14,2009) then you must dispute their information. There may be discrepancies in the information they have for you which might cause the delay. Correct any faults and have them mail you a ballot today.

There are too many variables in this ballot that can cause it to fail. I allege that these variables were put in place to sabotage this vote. Certainly Clarks claim about having a level playing field in this campaign went out the window in a hurry. $5 Million+ for the No side and $250,000 for the people on the YES side.


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Anonymous said...

I believe the ballots, are a deliberate mess, done by the Liberals. No-one could be that dumb. This is just another of the Liberals, dirty tactics.

There is no way Campbell would have agreed with the referendum, unless there was dirty work involved, to foil it.

The BC citizens have been victimized by, Campbell. Hansen, Christy and the BC Liberals, for over ten years now.

One restaurant kept a tally. 87% of the patrons did not want the HST. I don't care where you go, everyone hates the HST.