Falcon And CO. now threatening the masses

And  The Terrace Daily has the story in a letter from The NDP

Honest to Christ(y) Clark, just when I think the Liberals can't stoop any low they come out and lower the bar. The threat is idle folks. They can't keep restaurant meals taxed unless they pass an amendment to the tax act. And if they did that it would mean political suicide.

Give us a break. I think they honestly believe their lies and threats folks. Either that or they are so desperate to hide from us the fact that they have ruined this province for at least a decade to come, they will attempt anything to get you to change your vote.

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Anonymous said...

Falcon is a low life. He is no different than Hansen, Campbell or Christy.

Campbell twice lied, to win two different elections. Nothing has changed. Anything the BC Liberals say, I automatically deem it a lie. So does everyone else I know.

The BC Liberals, are the most despicable party, in the history of this country.

Everyone from other provinces, are even laughing at the BC Liberals. Christy made a fool of herself in Ottawa. They are nothing other than a sick joke, all over this country. They are credible to no-one.

The BCR hothouse, is steaming up again as well.