Is The HST Referendum Being Manipulated By The Government?

I have been saying it for months now. And now:

Bob Mackin has a piece in the Tyee on the manipulation of the voting process with the HST Referendum.

It seems a top aid to Campbell is in the mix and the Freedom of Information response is heavily redacted.

And while you are at it have a look over at BC Mary's place to see her comparisons of the News Of The World and our own local (lack of responsible) media. .

Seems as well that we "conspiracy theorists"aren't alone. A well known retired journalists has been giving us lessons on what questions the media should be asking of the government. When you hear it from someone as experienced and respected as Harvey Oberfeld it kind of puts water on the fire of some local lapdog journalists in the Mainstream Media

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Anonymous said...

Campbell would have never agreed to the referendum, unless it could be cheated. That's why I didn't agree with it. The other strike against the referendum, is Craig James of Elections BC. We certainly know him, for what he is. And, it isn't much.

A very elderly lady being terrorized and threatened, because she signed twice. She didn't realize, she was only allowed to sign in her own riding. Then we have Christy looking cute under her umbrella, as she canvassed citizens, on their way in to vote for the by-election. Approved by Craig James.

These mail in ballots are nothing other than a scam. Some have blank pages in them. Some households, only got one ballot. Some had the inner envelopes missing. There were ballots, left stacked in apartment buildings entryway halls. Far too many errors, to be innocent mistakes.

We all know, the HST is soundly defeated. BC citizens, do not want the HST. But, we also know, the BC Liberals lie and cheat to win.