Christy "Cluck Cluck" Clark Is Now Our "Chicken Premier"

     Some time ago, while in a heated debate with Cristy Clark, the talk show host, over BC Ferries, our friend

the powellriverpersuader branded Clark "cluck cluck"

And now Clark has proved Grant G right. This mornings Province reports that Clark is still hiding. She still won't debate the issues.

 By all appearances she is setting herself up as another Photo-op Premier I allege who is being run by the big

business interests in British Columbia .  This type of governing is known the world over as "Puppet Ruler".

Just like her predecessor she runs around making meaningless announcements and throwing candy to the

voters which she will take away later. You remember him. He appeared at every shovel turning in the province
for some 9 years. He made his Lackies explain his screw-ups in the Legislature. Invoked closure on Bills so

he could go on vacation and not have to worry about it. Ruled by Order In Council. Had fireside chats when

rumours started like the one where he and his wife were no longer together. telling us how they met and

"clicked" but never dispelling the rumour. Tried to save his job by giving us candy. Like big income tax breaks.

Yes folks, by all appearances the Liberal party is governing on looks, appearances, propaganda, and lies.

When are the voters in this province going to wake up. This is not the way to run a Province, nor a business. 

And definitely not a Country.



Anonymous said...

We do know, Campbell and Harper have a very close relationship. Campbell was working for Harper. They have come out of the closet and made it public. Who in the hell in their right mind, would send a corrupt, thieving, lying and cheating to win, Campbell as ambassador to England? This is beyond embarrassing for Canadians.

As far as Christy goes, she too would love to be appointed for a job in Ottawa. She is just as disgusting as Campbell. She is trying by hook or by crook, to cram the HST down her, "family's first" throats. Harper, Campbell and Hansen's HST scam, was to steal from the BC people for big businesses benefit.

In all the time the HST, was forced on the people. BC has been steadily losing jobs. The BC people have no, "trickle" down money saved, by large corporations HST savings. The HST has only driven costs up, right out of sight.

BC still has the lowest minimum wage, the highest number of children living in poverty. BC has had the highest number of jobs lost. BC was dead last, of all the western provinces. The other provinces gained jobs, BC did not.

BC has the highest gasoline prices, food costs over 15% higher. Hydro going up to 53% more. Gee Christy, how are the low income citizens, supposed to cope with all of that, and the HST too? Our carbon tax, is also going up July 1st.

There isn't one Liberal, worth the powder to blow them to hell. The BC Liberals, for over ten years now have, lied, deceived, thieved, used dirty tactics and always cheat to win. Just like you are Christy. Cheating to win the HST referendum. Three quarters of the BC people, do not want the HST.

However, the other corrupt snake in the grass...Craig James of Elections BC, was caught in corruption before. We fully expect him to lie and cheat, as usual. He is also a close friend of Campbell's.

Grant G said...

Thanks Gary..Crispy Clark is a sniper..

She throws barbs from a distance, once confronted and flustered she will start to stutter and obfuscate..

Something serious going on Gary..

Democracy is going down..

Stay tuned.

Gary E said...

Anon 12:16 I sure can't disagree with your comments.

Grant G. There is definitely something going on right now. BC Mary has posted a column by Palmer. The Gazetteer has picked up on it as well. And I have noticed a distinct change in the attitude toward the premiers office. It's not consistent right now but the columnists have definitely changed their attitude toward the Office and in particular the premier designate.

It's as if the old boys club (big business) was pissed off that she would raise their taxes. I notice that the Bird Man was trying to pacify them at luncheons.