Harper and Crew Strongly Opposed to"Drugs"?

     Five Vancouver Mayors (past and present) are now on board to change the Cannabis  (Marijuana) laws in this country.

     Doing so would change quite a few things in this country. Everyone knows that it would pretty much cancel billions of dollars in the underground economy and put those billions into government coffers. I suspect trade for cocaine and guns would fall off as well.

     But Harper obviously has his head where the sun don't shine. His blunt statement of not supporting the legalization of "drugs" lumps Marijuana in with the hard "drugs" in circulation. This statement is misleading at the least.

     Let me be quite clear here. MARIJUANA IS NOT A DRUG. It is a herb. A plant. The only people who believe it to be a drug (and I suspect they don' really believe) are the lawmakers who think that criminalizing it will bring them lots of money in fines and property seizures. These folks are amongst the the "Harpers head where the sun don't shine " club. It's a no-brainer here people. The money saved by eliminating spying, smart meters, Lawyers, court appearances, and costs of incarcerated "criminals", I allege would pay off the national debt.

     This draconian law should be repealed. Harper should not be afraid to do so. The US DEA has found too much power and they should lay off the cash cow called Marijuana. It is the DEA that dictates how Marijuana is handled. They have found an easy way to inflate their coffers and they apply it with a vengeance. And the only reason Canada has this draconian law is due to pressure from The United States.

     Way back when I stated this blog I did a piece on Marijuana complete with a brief history of how it came to be outlawed. And that outlawing was fuelled by the power of the press led by non other than Randolph Hearst Followed by the Dunlop family.  Seems that Hearst was Pissed off at Poncho Villa for seizing his forests for the revolution and the Dunlops worried about what it could do to their businesses.

     There is plenty of information on marijuana or cannabis online. One of my favorites is Jack Herer
You could also read his book The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Check it out. Get educated.



Anonymous said...

Don't forget the influence of the prison industrial complex. Rest assured that no measures will be taken that would reduce prison populations. That would cut into the profits.

e.a.f. said...

Harper's position on drugs has nothing to do with matters of law. It is just his idiology. We all know the "war on drugs" has been a miserable failure in the U.S.A. What it gave them was a great business model for privitized prisons & the ability to put a million people at a time in jail.

Of course the down side of it all is individual states can not afford to keep all these people in jail. That is when courts order the release of prisoners and out go some really bad people.

A lot of money could be saved by legalizing & taxing our favourite herb. If it were easy and legal to grow it would cut into the business of gangs. Legalized m.j. in government liquor stores works for me. It might reduce the deficet & bring the government more income than exporting coal and raw logs.

M.J. needs to be taken out of the hands of the criminal element treated much like liquor. Of course this might not work for some politicians because we can read on many a blog the Legislature raids started with a drug investigation.

A lot of people have been smoking m.j. since the 60s and I have not seen the world go to rack and ruin because of it. Seen a lot of problems from the gangs which try to control it, but hey, the government seems to think its o.k.