Well It's 40 below......

I got up this morning (at 5 AM because the fire was getting low) stoked the fir and went to the thermometer. It  was minus 38C and that's pretty close to 40 below. I remembered back in the day when I actually worked outside in these temperatures. -45C was the coldest I worked in. The secret is you work 20 minutes then get in the truck and have a pull and a toke, warming up for a half hour, then back out for 20 minutes.

You dress for the cold and don't exert too much energy. And ALWAYS make sure the fuel truck arrives on time. If it doesn't come you shut her down and go inside a building. Then you order another truck because you aren't going to get that one running unless you warm it up, inside.

Anyway. In those days a song came out that caught my attention and I post it here for the benefit of the language cops and their headmaster the Kamloops vet. And a little levity for you.

The good thing about these temperatures is that I don't have to go outside in them anymore. I don't get paid for it. The downside is that I won't be icefishing until it drops to about -20C

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