This Pretty Much Says What The 1% Is Doing To The Occupy Movement

 It is also telling in how the MSM wants to control your thought process.  
Sent via e-mail from Rafe Mair. The following lets the 99% know what the1% are doing to the Occupy Movement (and your thought process) through their corporate controlled Media. I believe it is time to start severely attacking that media and their advertisers. And read the op-ed piece in the G&M.

Don't let the corporate media define 'Occupy' ...

Media focuses on camps, ignores issues - as usual

The Corporate Media is the propaganda arm of Corporate Canada.  Right now the media is trying to 'define' the Occupy movement in a negative way.  And all of the rest of us 99% must remember that The Media is the mouthpiece of the 1%; it is not our friend, it cannot be trusted, and we must always watch the corporate media with an eagle's eye because it never stops trying to lie to us and mislead us about everything of importance. 

Since the big 'Occupy Protests' of a few weeks ago, the media has focused all of its attention on 'the camps' that have been set up across Canada.  Here in Victoria, the focus is on the camps around Victoria City Hall and in Vancouver.  It is relatively easy for the media to make the camps 'look bad', and now someone has died in Vancouver and the officials are saying that the camps have to go.  There may be trouble and it will all end with anger  which is what Corporate Canada wants.

But the camps are not the Occupy Movement, only a small part of it.  The media is focusing on the camps because that is where they want the focus to be.  They DON'T want the focus to be on what the movement is really all about, and that's because they want us to forget about that.  Occupy is about the lack of democracy in Canada, but there is little mention of that in the corporate media.  Occupy is about the corruption of our governments by the billionaires and the elites, and how those people are bankrupting entire nations and destroying our planet.  Occupy is about the 'free trade deals' the 1% have imposed on us; deals that have cost us hundreds of thousands of jobs and led to record corporate profits and record homelessness and record food bank use.  Occupy is about the nuclear disaster in Japan that is going to kill millions of us, and about how all the Big Media is corporate and how it lies to us and misleads us every day of the year.  All of that is what Occupy is about, and The Media's job is to make us forget it - if they can.

The media could be leading us in a discussion about how to improve our democracy and make it work better for us, but they aren't.
The media could be giving us information about how we can fix up our tax system, but they aren't.
The media could be telling us about climate change and fracking and how we can move towards a sane environmental policy, but they aren't.
Instead the media are focusing on a few dozen people living in tents.  Why are they doing this?  Because that is where they want the focus to be.  And until the rest of us come to grips with how corrupt and manipulative the Canadian media is, we are going to keep losing.   We've got to keep our eyes focused on our real enemies; and the real enemies are the corporations, their politicians, and their media.  And we have to keep some real solutions in mind, and in my opinion two of the best solutions are more democracy and a free press.  Let's Occupy That.
jack etkin


Anonymous said...

Extremely true. I've noticed the Vancouver Sun/Province and other right-of-center online articles (& comments people make) encourages anything and everything that riles people up about the camp down there in order to encourage people to make negative comments about Occupy Vancouver. So many people make judgments left and right without knowing all the facts ... And I might add, I wonder who some of those commentators are?? I refuse to believe there can be something like 12 negative comments to every 1 about Occupy Vancouver. True enough, as you've pointed out, the focus is not on the greater issues around the movement, it's on the camp and the people. There are some people down there in the tents that don't need to be there. They are there to stand by their sisters and brothers, even on the awfully wet, windy cold nights for the 99%, some of that number of us who are in our nice warm cozy homes. Thankfully they take care of each other, but it's still difficult. At least there is lots of food, coffee, which helps provide some warmth and strength.

Gary E said...

I visited the Kamloops Occupation a couple of weeks ago and found the folks there very nice. By and Large they all wanted to get their messages out. But one thing has been troubling me. And that is the lack of focus on any one issue appears to leave protesters open for ridicule and it definitely allows the MSM to refocus on the "tent city" problems, such as death and overdoses.

To my way of thinking there should be a concentrated effort on one subject. Starting with the banks. Closing accounts in these chartered banks and moving money to credit unions is a great idea if it catches on. Then move on to government liars. Nurses issues, teachers issues, unemployment etc.
And let's not forget the lack of responsible reporting by the MSM. Then maybe come back to the banks every 5 or 6 weeks.

As far as the negative comments go: those people are almost definitely employed by the Propaganda Affairs Bureau in Victoria and Ottawa. And if they aren't employed there then I allege they are all part of the Liberal Machine and are paid supporters of big business. There prime purpose is to attack and spin.To deflect the issues or comment that others don't know what they are talking about, even though they don't give evidence themselves.

Anonymous said...

The media of Australia had an article some time back. They said, how badly Harper was eroding Democracy in Canada. Our Civil Rights and Liberties have been taken from us as well. We now live in an evil fascist, dictatorship regime.

Canada is now a terrible, blatant cesspool of corruption. Who other than Harper would send scum like Campbell to England as High Commissioner? Campbell has the dirtiest, most foul and corrupt political record in the recorded history of Canada. Harper has constantly embarrassed Canadians, but, that was the granddaddy of all embarrassments.

I had read: Harper goes to New York and gave a speech at, the Council of Foreign Relations. This was Sept. 25/2007.

Harper and Campbell forced the HST onto the people. We now know this was a scam of the dirty duo, set up before the BC election. Remember? The HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar. This was a tax, without representation and totally illegal. Oh!! And, the BCR wasn't for sale either.