Labour Problems in the North

     Because of time constraints I recently sent BC Mary an article from the Kitimat Daily that I thought would fit with her recent column on Rail in the north. She ran with it posting parts and referring to the Kitimat Daily.

To my complete surprise Professor Robin Mathews has weighed in on the subject with a short story about the Smelter and the labour troubles back in the day when they built the smelter. His main question is where is the NDP and the Media. I might add "Where is the BC Federation of Labor and Jim Sinclair?"


istvan said...

Lets just hope he he is not like(union jack)monroe who sold us out.

Gary E said...

You got it istvan. That is my greatest fear right now. That the Fed gets in bed with the government. I remember well when "sellout Jack" came out of Bennett Juniors house telling us how he had sold us out for a bag of beans. And what did he get? Why a senatorship. I bet he's really pissed now that campbell has the top beurocrat job. Of course all Jacvk did was sell out a few thousand workers. Campbell sold out the whole province and Crusty is following in his pants.