Kitimat Dailys' Merv Ritchie on the Worlds Money Problems

I have just read the following article in the Kitimat Daily and recommend all who visit here to read it


Not only does Merv give a background of his early political education at the end of the article he gives solutions. This is by far the best article I have seen on the world financial crisis. It's right up there with the seminar I attended while involved in the HST debacle.  Left leaning politicians (and right leaning as well) would be well advised to read this article.

My own political leanings were formed pretty much along the lines of Mervs' although I grew up in a Liberal family in North Van. I still have healthy arguements with one of my brothers over Left vs. right.

And I met Dief the Thief during his Follow John campaign when he and a couple of suits arrived at our door to solicit votes. I being the only one home at the time, and I think I was thirteen or fourteen, shook his hand and told him that when I was of voting age I would vote in every election I could although I probably wouldn't vote for his party or policies. With that he left and went to the next house.

I think today it is time to act on some of Mervs' suggestions. Start Now because it will soon be much too late.


RonS said...

Wow what a great article by Mr. Ritchie. He is dead on! I'm sending the article link everywhere!

Gary E said...

Thanks RonS for sending this around. I think everybody involved in blogging in this province should send things like this around. Also the one at the BC Marys' blog about the labour problems up north and her article on Manitoba NDP winning a fourth straight majority, that the Campbell/Clark government nor the mainstream media seems to be doing anything about.