ISA (deadly virus) Found in BC Salmon

The Tyee is reporting that the deadly exotic virus that wiped out at least 70 % of Chile's farmed salmon has been found in BC Salmon.

After years of denial the lying bastards at DFO have now been found out. Shut down the Farmed Salmon Industry in BC. Clean up the mess and do not allow any foreign salmon eggs into this country. This is not a request. It is a demand. Do it now.

I am urging everyone reading this blog to write your MLA's, your MP's, the Federal and Provincial departments of Fish and Oceans and the ministers responsible. Shut the god dam system down. And keep writing them until they do shut it down.

See Alexandra Mortons Blog HERE


Hugh said...

I sent Cathy McLeod an email about this today.

Here's the link to the Tyee article:


Gary E said...

Thanks Hugh

As I told Rafe, I have sent a e-mail to the Federal and Provincial Fisheries Ministers. If I don't have an answer tomorrow I will write the premier and Prime Minister. If nothing happens by next week (Monday) I will publish MY emails as open letters and demand action.

For everyone else, you need to write these people. Flood them with e-mails and phone calls. The Americans are doing a thousand times more right now than our Fat Cat legislators.