Getting Back On Track (so to speak)

     The past few months have been trying times for me. Personal and political problems erupted in the lead up to Recall causing me to back off and confront them. Politically I just stopped getting involved feeding things to other bloggers when I could and letting them run with it in their own way.
     On the personal end, just when I thought things may drag on for a year, things did a complete 360 in my favour. As I suspected, the main cause of the problems was initiated by others. I will be filing injunctions and a lawsuit is not out of the question, yet. At this point in time I am winding down these problems and will be ramping up this blog in between the continued saga of building Gary's Daughters house. (now two years in the making).

     Just as Gordo the "wannabe great" had decided to stick you and I, the low and middle income people, with a draconian money grab that he claimed was revenue neutral, I had commenced procuring drawings, permits, and materials for construction. All this on a very meager set of pensions while working on the initiative petitions and recall. I don't use credit simply because in a project like this any cards I might have would be maxed out and I simply can't afford 27% interest on unpaid balances. So I pay cash and build it one step at a time. Or in this case one block at a time.

     Six months before I decided to move forwards with drawings and permits I had decided to go as green as I could. So I am building this home with ARXX Blocks. They are styrofoam fire resistant blocks that you snap together like leggo, and fill with concrete and rebar. When it is finished I will conceivably be able to heat the building with matches.lol. Not quite but I certainly will be able to heat it with much less than the three cords of wood I am now using.

     I am also going solar. I have already acquired the hot water solar panels and an emergency propane "on demand" water heater for now. I will be using composting toilets and have purchased the one for the main bathroom. And the big kicker is I will be GOING OFF THE GRID.
For those of you who may be wondering I will eliminate BC Hydro from my life. I won't even sell them back any excess electricity I may have because they don't pay you shit for it.And they want a surcharge.

     So, I haven't been sitting on my duff. Just been a little busy personally. I hope to pump out a lot more on the sorry state of the Campbell/Clark reruns we are now watching but I will be coming back slowly as the other problems wind down.

Stay tuned and go green.


Danneau said...

All this sounds pretty constructive, and a way to move yourself and your community forward. I've missed your observations and am happy that you'll be back at it.

Gary E said...

Thanks Danneau.

A lot has happened in the last 5 months. I haven't been completely inactive. I've been able to look at the much bigger picture and if we don't awaken the masses we will lose our country. I'm sure of it.

Since the mainstream media doesn't want to do the job they are expected to do then it's up to the online news media like the Tyee or Terrace online to get the word out. Merv Ritchie, in the Terrace/Smithers area does a great job. And sometimes you can get things from Opinion 250 in Prince George. I can only assume that Mainstream Media like The Sun or Province or most of the Black Press are just hacks for the right wing government. I sometimes wonder if they are embarrassed by the recycled news they are covering. Probably not because they seem to think only about the almighty dollar. Maybe boycotting the papers and their advertisers will shake them up.

BC Mary said...

Hi Gary,

Today is October 6 ... and for the life of me, I still can't figure out how Big Media and/or Smaller Media haven't picked up on this amazing piece of news.

I nearly fell off my chair when I saw the streaming headline chugging along underneath the regular CBC Newsworld programming:

Manitoba elects 4-in-a-row NDP majority governments!

Can you think of any other place which has done that, in recent times? 4-in-a-row?

I ask you, what good is Big Media if they can't see the news value in that kind of stability.

Gary E said...

BC Mary, I have long been of the opinion that the BC Media are lackies of the provincial government and big business. I have even suggested that others drop their subscriptions and boycott advertisers. The fact that this huge news story has been, I allege, deliberately hidden from the people of BC, and the fact that these same newspapers with their so-called reporters and Bureau Chiefs only read what the government sends them in news releases or spins a bad story so that we think of the NDP as the culprits makes me ill to the extreme. I would rather read one of those gossip magazines (which I never do) than read the utter bullshit or lack of good reporting these papers feed the masses.