People Still Want to Twist the Facts

 Following is my response to a LTE in the 100 Mile Free Press ( which by the way is not monetarily free)

  Mr. xxx appears to be making statements without checking some facts.

First, the biggest thing we gained was not monetary, but the right for British Columbia to set their own provincial taxes. If this were left to the Federal government there would be little we could to to hold back any government that wants to tax and spend.

Second, the "enormous amount of money to defeat the tax" is a misstatement at best. The enormous amount of money used was not done by the the "yes " side. It was the government and their big business biddies that spent well over $50 Million to try and save their tax. A tax by the way which has been described as the biggest money shift in BC history.

Switching back using an enormous amount of money, I allege, is a government/business scare tactic. Put more succinctly it is a lie. People need to get the fact through their heads that removing this draconian tax will remove the burden from the middle and lower income people and make business pay closer to their fair share. And taxing the air we breath is not far off. Look at what is happening with our water.

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