UBC Farm Under Threat of Developement

I received an E-mail from BC Mary regarding the the removal of part or parcel of the UBC farm for housing developement. Mary's time is pretty much consumed with the Legislature Raids and she asked if I could post this. You bet Mary. And this from Wendy Holm "post away".

The UBC Planning Process

Metro Vancouver documents state “The future of the Farm will be analyzed as part of the Vancouver Campus Plan process.” However within that process the Farm is being lumped under ‘future housing reserve’ and its value for the community is being downplayed.

◊ UBC has become known for its method of ‘presenting and defending’ its development plans during public consultation.

◊ The lands under consideration by the planning process are considered by the planning department to be ‘academic’ lands. However, the Farm is one of UBC’s major institutions for engaging the community.

◊ The planning process does not explicitly mention the UBC Farm. The only indication is in the legend on the map that states “The UBC Vancouver Campus plan will address the academic area, and the future housing reserve noted in the map.” However, the map does not locate the UBC Farm as being within that area.

◊ In the approved scope for the planning process, the Farm is simply lumped under “institutional components...south of 16th Ave.” with no mention to it individually.

◊ The Farm needs to be explicitly included as a unique institution within the current planning process, not just lumped in with playing fields and forest.

As communities around the world are scrambling to create, preserve and enhance the production of food in cities, Vancouver, which thinks of itself as enlightened, is about to lose one of the fundamental pillars of urban agriculture - the UBC farm. Farm soils and productive infrastructure improved through eighty years of careful stewardship are irreplaceable. Let not the UBC farm go quietly into that good night. Community rage is entirely appropriate.________________________________________________________________Please sign the online petition to protect ubc farm at the following link:http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/save-ubc-farm

About the petition:The University of British Columbia, located on Musqueam traditional territory, is home to the last working farm in Vancouver. The 24 hectare UBC Farm/ Centre for Sustainable Food Systems serves as a model for urban agriculture, a research site for sustainable food production and sustainability education, a unique and beautiful ecosystem balancing cultivated and native plants and animals, a source of fresh, local produce, and a hub for community and service learning.

Unfortunately The UBC Farm is currently under threat as housing at UBC expands. It is entirely possible to save the farm and still meet housing needs as laid out in the community and campus plan.In recognition of the unique experiential learning and academic research space at UBC Farm please support the following proposal to retain and enhance the existing UBC Farm/ Centre for Sustainable Food Systems at the University of British Columbia as an innovative centre for sustainable agriculture, agroforestry, food systems and community health:
Retain UBC Farm in the current location in South Campus where soils have been built up for 40 years.
Retain UBC Farm at its current size (24 hectares) to ensure that it can continue its varied, innovative research and community programming, as well as its demonstration of sustainable production-scale agriculture.
Preserve significant wildlife corridors around the Farm which serve as integral habitat for frogs, eagles, hawks, owls and at least 60 other species of birds living in balance with an integrated farm ecosystem. -- ________________________________________________

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In discussing this further with Wendy she advises that she will be doing a column on the subject and will keep us advised . She also says that someone has suggested that maybe this should be put under the ALR. My thought is it won't happen under the present administration.

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