Carole James on Axe the Tax

NDP Leader Carole James says carbon tax hurts average families
Carole James, Special to The ProvincePublished: Friday, June 20, 2008

Gordon Campbell recently took 500 words in this paper to defend his new gas tax.
But I believe the premier's position can be summed up in 11 words: "I don't have to listen to you because I know better."
That's what led Mr. Campbell to develop his carbon tax in secret. That's why he refused to consult with anyone affected. And it's why he shut down debate and rammed it through the legislature.

Should we address climate change?
Absolutely. But the government must help provide alternatives. It shouldn't let big polluters off the hook. And it has to listen to people and develop consensus to move forward.
Gordon Campbell is doing none of that.

Then Carole says the following was written by a commentor on the petition she launched to "Axe the Tax"
"Sorry to those of you who live in the boondocks with big trucks to get around. Either find work that helps pay for your lifestyle, buy more fuel-efficient cars or move somewhere where you can work and ride transit like most British Columbians. Your lifestyles will be out of date soon enough, it's time to move on."
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What kind of an utter moron could possibly write something like that. They obviously do not live in the north or the cariboo. They do not have a grasp of what life is like up here. They didn't even stop to think that for most of us there could be a half hour drive to the nearest town to get groceries, or gas, or a slurpy from 7/11. And let's not forget that many people from down there like myself, chose to retire up here nad we are on fixed incomes. Jesus christ man give your head a shake. I can only assume you are one of Gordon Campbells lackeys. No one in their right god damn mind, or at least in the know would make such a crass statement as that?

Carole goes on to say:

We won't deal with climate change by telling British Columbians they are "out of date."
Gordon Campbell's gas tax makes life harder and more expensive for average families.
The irony is that it does little to reduce global warming and climate change.
His own budget says fuel consumption will rise over the next few years.
In fact, if you peek behind the curtain, you'll see that the premier isn't so green.
While he hits you with a new gas tax, he's doling out hundreds of millions in subsidies to oil and gas companies to expand production.
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As I have said before this tax is grossly unfair. I alledge we are paying to subsidize the corporate welfare being doled out in this province. And Campbell cannot possibly (if he is of sound mind) think that we are going to sit back and take this crap. I for one am not. Just wait till you hear what I did with my crummy hundred.


Anonymous said...

Good for people to know.

Gary E said...

Thanks for the comment Petronella.

I started this blog for a few reasons. One was because of the lack of fair reporting by the MSM. Harvey Oberfeld has taken over that task in his own blog. And it's a fantastic site.
Another reason was that I sometimes rant in my comments on other blogs and the rants don't get posted because they go off topic.
Most people who read this blog know that I am pro NDP. But what they don't know is that I also search for anything good that may come out of this government. At this time that is an impossible task. By anything good, I mean anything that will benefit the common voter. The people who elect these governments.
In all my research I have yet to find anything done by the Gordon Campbell Liberals that has a net benefit to the Low and Middle class of this province. In fact,I allege, he has basically turned this province over to big business.
I am still making mistakes here but I am learning from the experience.