CN Rail case # 49026. We're still on.Rescheduled for 24Sep 2008

I guess it pays to keep on top of these things.

Yesterday morning June, 9, 2008 I checked the Court Docket for the North Vancouver Adult Provincial Court, and Case #49026. This case was on the Docket scheduled for 0930hrs. in Courtroom 2. I posted that fact below and went on with my day. Later in the day I made a comment on The Legislature Raids that this case was a go. Still later I read a piece at Bill Tieleman about some misinformation on an Appeal Court Hearing where we the public had been led to assume that we were not welcome at this hearing.

I don't know if it was alarm bells or what but I decided to recheck the NV Docket. Case #49026 had been scratched. It was no longer there. So I went to the "Completed List". Not there either. Then I noticed that June 9 Completed list had not been posted. So I figured I would wait until this morning.

On rechecking this morning I noticed it wasn't inder June, 10, so I proceeded to the Completed Court List. Voila. There it was.

There are five counts in this case. The first two are for Environmental Tickets. These are indicated as having been Paid Prior to a scheduled appearance.

The next appearance is for 24 Sep 2008 and this was Initiated by a Judge (IBJ) This is used when a Judge has determined that there is not enough time that day (for whatever reason) to hear this case.

The next hearing is listed as a Pretrial Conference (PTC) A Pretrial Conference is used when the Court requires the parties to attend a conference to discuss issues prior to commencement of a trial/hearing.

So, what this all tells me is that we are going to get more delays. Just like the Legislature Raids. This case will be 3 full years from the date of the disasterous spill in the Cheakamus River on August 5th 2005.

And there was a lot of footdragging in laying the charges. It wasn't intill the Squamish Nation threatened an immediate lawsuit that these charges were laid.


kootcoot said...

Hey Gary,

The older I gets the more I feel I have a license to commit whatever criminal acts I may choose. After all the older I get, the longer the odds that I'll actually be prosecuted in MY lifetime. Oh wait, I'm not a member of the "circle" and I can't get the taxpayers to pay for top drawer legal representation so justice will probably move swiftly against me and not in a direction of my preference.

So scratch that, I will continue to try to be law abiding - even if I don't have much in the way of role models in positions of authority.

Gary E said...

I had some of those same thoughts Koot. Right now I'm thinking of firing up the old Van and going to the coast with a loudspeaker system and asking the people there to wake up. I really wish I knew how to work up a rally. Can't do it like I did in the sixties when I used to get busted regularly for, get this: "creating to insight a riot". And back then they used to tack on other charges like assaulting a P.O. Of course the judges used to let me go when I pled self defense and showed them my wounds.

Thanks Koot, for the E on Bush. I'll work on it.