The following is the opening statement on todays Strategic Thoughts column by David Schreck

June 24, 2008

Clear Cutting CLBC and Welfare

A usually reliable source reports that after being appointed responsible for welfare, Rich Coleman was asked about the proposal to raise income assistance rates. His answer was that the Campbell government hasn't had enough credit for the raises it has already made. It looks like Coleman only took minutes to do to welfare what he took weeks to do to forestry.

And it looks like we are starting all over again.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised that Gordon Campbell would place an MLA who uses a first name like "Rich" to defend the poor, homeless, street people.

Now that is price-less.

Anonymous said...

These guys don't care
about the poor, just read
Coleman's statement, he's
on the same level of stinking
thinking as Campbell.

Campbell did nothing for
Welfare clients, 50 bucks
in 2007, he does not care
to help it is obvious
and it won't change.

There is plenty of evidence
that they need an increase
but they are not interested
in the interests of those
they perceive as lower
than holier than though

Gary E said...

Yes Susan Robin. And that 50 dollars camw in his second term. Remember he slashed their income in the first term and cut some people off completely. And let us not forget the Largest/b pay increase in history in this province he gave himself and his cronies, tying it to other programs that the NDP needed.
And then there is his pension. He has basically robbed us blind while looking at us in the face with that stupid grin of his.