Provincial Government Lied To The People In The Northwest

 There is no way to describe what the Government has done to the people in the Terrace Kitimat area than to say they lied to them.
  A deliberate and calculated lie perpetrated by the bastards in Victoria. What they have done is unforgivable.

Read the full story here http://www.terracedaily.ca

"In a stunning new development, it has been revealed through confidential correspondence that not only did the government know that Eurocan would never restart, they purposefully mislead the entire Northwest region by funding a doomed viability study. The BC Government has literally thrown money into the furnace, and encouraging others to do the same by raising false hopes and dreams with the residents of Kitimat and Terrace."

What kind of people would do something like this? After cutting social programs, health, education and a lot of  other things to the bone they throw money down the drain to perpetrate a god damn lie.

Wake up people. RECALL IN THE FALL.


Anonymous said...

It shows just how callous and indifferent the party is to the needs of the people of British Columbia. The fact that the BC Liberals have literally raped the province doesn't seem to be acknowledged - nor will it be.

We have twisted minds at work that want to take from the poor to feed the fat and rich corporations.

Yes, the sooner that Gordon "the liar" Campbell gets kicked out, the sooner the province of Britsh Columbia can set about to and repair the damage done by a totally incompetent and corrupt criminal political party led by the worst leader British Columbia has ever known.

Thanks for sharing.


Gary E said...

Thank you for sharing JW.

It looks like the soonest that we can get rid of them will be November 15,2010. We are already at work this morning setting up the recall. After learning from the initiative petition the problems involved in that system and with a shorter time period and more signatures needed we knew we needed to get better organized.

So, today we start putting heads together. Then hopefully next week I can take the family on a holiday for a week.

Anonymous said...

November, is too far away. We need to do damage control, now. Campbell is selling BC, out to China. During Campbell's time in office, he has cost our BC mill workers, 30.000 jobs. The catalyst mill in Campbell River, is being shut down, 100 more people, laid off. China, is also after that mill. It seems, every time a mill closes in BC, another mill opens in China, our raw logs, go to the same place.

Campbell, Hansen and, the BC Liberal party, lied, deceived and cheated to win, Campbell's re-election. There is nothing beneath their dignity they won't do, for money. They have plans, that could pollute, the entire province. Campbell and his Liberal party need to go now.

Gary E said...

Just what type of damage control would you use within the law Anon10:40AM?
I am as impatient as the next person but the only legal recourse that I see are the ones now in progress.
Let's just see what happens after the 16th of this month. You never know, if the supreme court hears the Anti-HST argument then Campbell will have to repeal the act.

BC Mary said...

Here's a big boost to our hopes and dreams:

Peter Ewart has been filmed giving a detailed 5-part lecture on BC Rail, titled "The Great Train Robbery".

It's full of surprising facts. My favourite part begins with Part 4 where Ewart describes the massive protest movement which was organized throughout BC to PREVENT the sale of BC Rail.

The wonderful thing is that Peter Ewart is one of those protesters to this day; he believes that we can re-organize to cancel the BCRail-CN deal and bring the old railway back into public BC ownership.

The URL is at my place:


Kir_B said...

Thanks for the story Gary.

I just spent a couple of hours reading some of the stories on the site you mentioned, before finally finding the one your talking about.

For anyone interested, here's a link to the actual story:

Kir_B said...

Here it is in a clickable format:

(I just learned how to do it from here and couldn't resist posting it.)