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If you would like to know just how bad things are getting under the HST, visit the Fight HST sight:


I was going to do a separate piece on my experience with the HST and Hansens lying his face off on TV in what I deem is a commercial for Huggies, but I see in this piece that someone else had the same problem.

What happened was Hansen, being a new father as I am, went on TV with a bag of Huggies and explicitly said that these Huggies for example would not be subject to HST. He put it in such a way, I allege, that it was designed to allay the fears  of parents with young children. But it appears that he went out of his way to NOT mention that these Huggies would still be subject to GST. I have a copy of my receipt taped here on my computer desk as an everyday reminder of the lies by these fools.

So what we have here is a select tax. Anything with PST on it gets  the extra 5% to make it 12%. Now it appears that things with GST stay as a GST item not eliminating any taxes but still collecting 5%.
Thus Hansen had his LIE put on tape from a newscast. You see, if he comes out saying one thing when not advising another he is perpetrating a lie.
If there is anyone out there who has a copy of this "commercial" for Huggies I implore you to get it on Facebook and/or YouTube before the thing is removed from the station archives if it hasn't been already.

Which brings up a final matter. The Image above was sent to me by The bride. She got it from someone on Facebook. I am unable to trace the author and I hope they don't mind my use in this article. It just seems to fit so well and I thank them in advance.

Recall In The Fall

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cherylb said...

Whooo hoooo! Recall in the Fall! I'll be working my own magic to make this happen. Those bastards are going down......They have ruined my beautiful province and it will take an entire generation to get it fixed!