More HST Lies

 We are a family of four. Our GROSS income is less than $25,000 per year. In fact it is just under $20,000. So when I received my rebate this morning something stunk. Bad. I went back to the government propaganda site to recheck what they had posted online.

According to Campbell and Hansen my household should receive the amount from line 2 below. So now I'm asking these Pathological liars why my check was $488.75 for a family of four all duly registered under the income tax act. My friggin calculator reads $122.1875 each for this family of four. Even if you say that the adults got a total of $460.00 which they say you should. The other two members only get $28.75  between them.

They can't even tell us the truth on what we are supposed to get here. Of course the statement says "up to $230" . I'd really like to hear from anyone who is below the poverty line as to whether they got $230 for each family member. 

I'm not even going to look  at the total of $716. I'm positive that is bullshit as well.

 Low Income Credit

Starting July 1st, individuals with incomes up to $20,000 will receive a $230 HST credit.
Families with incomes up to $25,000 will receive a $230 HST credit per family member.
People also eligible for the federal GST credits may see a total of up to $716.

 UPDATE Great Aunty Bertha has left a link in the comment section. the link is copied and pasted below.

Cherylb if you read this have someone get something up on the front page of  Fight HST. This is pure unadulterated Bullshit.

How much will I receive?
The maximum HSTC is $230 per family member. Individuals with incomes up to $20,000 and families with incomes up to $25,000 are allowed to receive the maximum credit. The HSTC is reduced by 4% of net family income over the income thresholds. For example: If an individual has net income of $23,000 for the year, the HSTC will be $110.
Net income $23,000  
Threshold $20,000  
Maximum HSTC for the year $230  
Maximum HSTC for the year $230  
Net Income over the individual threshold (23,000 - 20,000) $3,000  
multiply: 4% x 4%   (120)  
Eligible HSTC for the year $110  
For the estimated annual credit you are entitled to receive please contact the CRA at 1-800-959-1953.


cherylb said...

Gary? Are you positive that you received an HST cheque? Jack FM just said that the Lieberals were sending out the HST cheques today.

Gary E said...

Sorry Cherylb. A bit of misinformation there. I get all my stuff by Direct deposit but I still call them checks. The amounts are correct though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary,

Their wording is ambiguous, but here in the FAQ they clarify:


Maximum HSTC for the year $230


Kim said...

I don't get any rebate. My annual income is $8,960. I pay the hydro, cable, phone and food monthly with that. This month, by the 1st, I had $50.00 left over. Until the 29th of July. Doesn't sound right, does it? The reason? My partner got a payout at the beginning of last year from CPP Disability. 3 years worth of benefits! Sounds good right? It sure helped catch up on bills, car maintanence, dental work (for him anyway) and put some food in the freezer and cupboards. Live in poverty for a decade, you got some catching up to do. Worst news? That was almost 2 years ago now. Money's gone, foods gone, vehicle's off the road for want of an altenator. But CRA figures we're doing so well, not only do we not need a rebate, we no longer get fair pharmacare, MSP premium assistance. Next year things should return to normal (if that's what you call it) and we should get the rebate and maybe our benefits back, if we survive it!

cherylb said...

Gary, put it in the HST horror stories on the website. I'll send it to Chris and Bill T as well. Maybe they'll call bullshit.

Anonymous said...

The HST is a nightmare. As a senior on a fixed low income, I know when next winter comes, with the higher utilities, I know I can't make it. Food costs skyrocketed, before the HST came due. My favorite loaf of bread, went up $1.49. I had to quit buying meat. When I go shopping, I get a carry basket, to throw the HST goods back. The good thing is, by fall our underground, will be totally up and running. Right now, I can buy chicken through the underground, and eggs, for half the price in the stores. Vegetables, local fruit, all kinds of meat, will be available. We will even have winter greenhouses. We will eat, what is grown. There are every kinds of tradesmen, we would ever need. My food bill will be cut in half, and, I can even afford, some beef and pork.