Two Vehicle Head On In Lac La Hache

Highway 97 North of Lac La Hache is closed for at least two hours due to a two vehicle head on collision.

I have picked up(on my scanner) that an analyst is coming from Ashcroft which is about two hours away. There is one fatality and the JAWS were needed to extract someone. It is unclear to me at this time if it was the fatality or one of the survivors. There is a little girl receiving medical attention from having an airbag blow in her face.

There are two EMS vehicles (that's two ambulances with two paramedics each) on scene. And these are the people that are on strike because the Gordon Campbell administration won't talk to them Campbell just keeps having the rules changed to suit his agenda.

Family Victim Councilors have been summoned to the 100 Mile hospital.

I might also add that this hospital has been in a slow shut down since last January. First the maternity ward then rotating shutdowns in the Emerg. This is the kind of services we are receiving from this government.

There also at least 5 RCMP on scene. It didn't take them long to respond and they are doing a fine job today.

UPDATE 4:15 PM. Highway 97 North of Lac La Hache is open to one lane traffic

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