BC Records $78 Million Surplus. Yeah Right

I'm almost certain Canned Waste will not post my response to their article on the Bullshit spewing from Hansens mouth today so here it is below.

And half the province listened to these guys drivel. Whats worse is canwest doesn't go after them like thy did Clark.
I have never seen a worse government in BC in my 47 years of voting. Come on Can West Get on the ball. I notice your shares are heading for the outhouse. Have you figured out why?


Leah said...

No kidding Gary E! Even Doyle has said it's not true, that if there were a surplus at all it would be more like 7 or 8 million.

They won the election on lies, NDP mismanagement of facts, and voter apathy - now they have to keep lying to cover up the lies. One would think they'd get tired of trying to remember what they said last? Yeah, Right.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to double post on ya Gary, but I have to do this because I really need a giggle at the moment. Apparently Fox News may be looking at purchasing Canwest...imagine, in the near future you could have ...
Faux Canned Waste.

Sorry, it gave me a giggle anyway! :)

Gary E said...

Leah: I still remember about a micro manager who told lies to the people to gain power. He came to believe that if you told a lie so preposterous the people would believe it becaus they would think it would have to be true. He also had the support of a Propaganda Machine. Adolph Hitler.

Anon 8:18. Its okay to double post here. Esprcially if you make me giggle.

Sorry for the late responses folks but I had company last night. Something that is pretty rare around here.