Today: The Fourteenth of Never

Today is the day that British Columbians will witness the further destruction of their province by a manipulative micro manager of a premier who thinks he is best suited to run (I say ruin) the economy of this province.

In a campaign started by BC Mary near the beginning of this month to write letters to politicians to halt the obscene giveaway of some lands owned by BC Rail there was virtually no response. BC Mary received a email from Leonard Krog telling us what we already knew. This government is giving away our province and doing it in such a way that it may well be irretrievable.

The NDP says the don't have the wherewithall to fight this in court. Why not? They have more lawyers than the car salesmen on the other side of the house.

What's worse is it turns out that Krog's Letter to BC Mary was a form letter sent to everyone else who wrote in. See House of Infamy Everyone except yours truly. All I received was a email telling me that my email was received. The difference in Mary's letter was that it was addressed to her.

Being a rabid socialist I have supported the NDP and the former CCF since 1964. I absolutely hate what big business has done to this world. And done it in such a way that governments have to give them welfare to dig themselves out of the hole.

Why are governments doing this? Well it's because they are afraid of the unemployment and welfare numbers that would result with the collapse of the economy. But the corporations accept the money and the execs still fly around in their gas burning private jets (when they could just as easily use the phone or internet) and give themselves obscene bonuses for being able to collect this welfare.

But today my friends things have changed between myself and the NDP. Unless they come up with a plan to fix this problem (the giveaway of BC Rail)by the end of this summer the cash (what little we have) from this house will dry up and I will do everything I can to change other peoples thinking as well.

I mentioned above that all I received was a auto response from the NDP. Well I also wrote the Coast Salish Nation. In particular the Squamish Band asking if they were aware of any giveaways of the land on the North Van waterfront formerly occupied by BC Rail and BC Rail Transport. To date I have received no reply.

Non response from anyone on a matter as grave as this can only lead me to believe that the web of complicity is far greater than anyone of us could imagine.

So, if this land transfer should happen their is only one thing to do. Use every means in our power to legally bring down this government. And I might add to search for a better opposition.

Gordon Campbell I know you read this blog. Either stop the mass giveaway of our Rail, Hydro, Ferries, and Rivers, and the mass killing of our wild salmon, or Resign.


Anonymous said...

Search for? Or create?

Gary E said...

Anon 7:40 AM

Your choice. There are plenty of other parties in this province to choose from.
Personally I am committed to socialism. It's the people that work to make this province great. It's right wing government, think tanks, and big business that try to tear it apart.

Anonymous said...

Then it seems there is a party we can likely agree on, it just needs MAJOR changes to be effective.

Gary E said...

Anon 12:41

That may well be but on the other hand maybe creating a new party that will actually work for the people who elect them. No Waffling.