To sum it up

The Campbell government’s record of arrogance and neglect has affected nearly every family in BC over the last 8 years:
Residents of rural communities have seen mills close and thousands of jobs lost while Campbell does nothing.

  • Minimum wage workers have been told flat out he won't give them a hand, even while he gives his top advisors a 43% pay increase.
  • People in need of health care suffer on wait lists or see first hand the dangerous overcrowding in our emergency rooms.
  • Seniors suffer neglect and abuse in care homes
  • Families are pushed to the brink by increased ferry fares, transit fares, tuition fees, the gas tax and Hydro rate increases.
  • They are giving away all our rivers
  • They refuse to act on an SCC ruling against them regarding fish farms on the west coast
The people of BC have just given him another 4 year mandate. We are now about to go from bad to worse. Just watch.

I, as many others have blamed the mainstream media and our only saving grace is that the Canned Waste network will die by the time the absentee ballots are counted and some liberals are defeated.

The vote may not change considerably but the squeaker seats could change.

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