The Killing Off Of Our Wild Salmon

I have been a angler all my life. Since before I started school. I caught my first fish with a maple branch, a piece of string, a safety pin, and a worm. My dream was to catch a 90 pound Chinook Salmon. I'd probably release it as I do most of my catch. I only cook and eat what is necessary.

A few years ago under the Anderson and the Federal Government policies the fish schools started to noticeably disappear. Fraser River Fishermen began going broke under draconian policies dictated by the governments of the day. A rift was caused between Native and non-native fishermen. Violence erupted.

Recently, Alexandra Morton went to court, fought, and won her case that proved the salmon farming off the coast of BC is not under the jurisdiction of the BC Provincial Government. The Norwegian Fish Farms are appealing the decision and the BC Government is helping them.

I have been receiving e-mail updates from Morton and publishing them here. I will continue to do so to try and help get the message out. This bullshit has to stop. We are in grave danger of losing our wild salmon and people are operating illegally.

Please feel free to copy any portion of this post and forward it to your friends and relatives. The following is from Alexandra Morton


Gordon Campbell locked the doors when I tried to deliver our letter and left us on the street. Campbell has been re-elected and at first I thought this meant BC does not actually want wild salmon, nor their rivers. I began to make plans to give up and get my own life back in order, but then someone forwarded me this map. The ridings with wild salmon and wild salmon rivers, did not actually elect Campbell.

Thousands of people have told me they want wild salmon and have wished me success in this, but at every BC election a handicap is laid on us who are trying to do this. I am writing to say people cannot wave from the sidelines any longer, because we are not succeeding. Wild salmon are going extinct on our watch. Yes, yes climate change will be a factor, but wild salmon are built to survive cataclysmic change in their environment and if we allow their genetic warehouse to rebuild right now, we stand a far better chance of receiving the food and energy this fish brings to us in the years to come.

Grieg Seafood is trying to build two of the biggest fish farms on the coast, on the juvenile salmon migration route for Fraser River and East Vancouver Island stocks, at York Island. Marine Harvest is trying to increase the size of their “farms” coastwide. They are taking me back to court this summer to resolve whether they own their fish in the Canadian Ocean. Atlantic salmon eggs are still being imported into BC, despite the Infectious Salmon Anemia virus popping up everywhere the Norwegian salmon farmers operate. Emamectin benzoate (Slice) is being used in our waters....with no warnings posted during usage...even though the U.S. Food and Drug Agency apparently has a ban on any food products “exposed” to this neurotoxin (Pacific Fishing current issue). This means all of us who are fishing, and harvesting seafood near fish farms have no way to make sure we are not “exposed” to the drug. And the fish feedlots are in violation of many sections of the Fisheries Act.

Not only is there no progress, we are moving backwards.

I am headed to Norway next week, but doubt anyone is listening there either.

I can only see two ways forward.... The courts..... And for us all to step up and say “no more.”

The solution is so simple: Apply the laws of Canada, The Fisheries Act. If the Norwegians can’t comply they should leave. Give the Canadian fish farmers who want to revamp their industry in closed tanks a break in getting set up. Market wild and farm fish to raise the value of both. And restore wild salmon in a way that has never been tried.....adhering to their biology, the natural laws that have caused them to thrive in the first place.

And we need everyone who wants wild salmon to sign this letter. Currently we are at 14,000.....and we are still on the street, this was not enough to even get in the door.

It is up to you guys.

Alexandra Morton


kootcoot said...

"The ridings with wild salmon and wild salmon rivers, did not actually elect Campbell."Does this mean that Kamloops was won by the NDP? Or do no salmon make it up the Thompson/Adams Rivers anymore?

Gary E said...

Good point Koot
I think They may have been talking generally about the entire west coast.
But I can tell you one thing for sure. When I was a younger man one of the most impressive things I ever saw was the Crimson Sockeye in the Adams River. With no word of a lie you could see the green Adams River turn Crimson red before your eyes. This past year there were only splotches of red here and there.
That tells me that very soon you will be able to declare the Adams River Sockeye Extinct. Most probably under Campbells' watch