CN Settles Cheakamus spill

Eighty cents a goddamn fish and not a friggin cent for the birds and other animals. If I was to dump oil near a well from, say, an oil change on one of my vehicles, you can bet your ass they would be seeking the same amount of money.
$1.8 million settlement the majority of which goes to Alberta for the devastation there. Why? Why not $1.8 million or even $10 million in each province.
And don't anyone give me any shit about how they are paying another $139 million for cleanups etc. That is not a fine that is hush money. I give up. You can have this province.
All we have to do now is wait for the BC Rail trial to be derailed. This isn't British Columbia. This is Whitewash Columbia. Owned 100 % by big business and their puppets.

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