Olympic Green Buses Turning Dirty? Oil Spill In The Peace Country?

In talking with an acquaintance recently they informed me that those Olympic Green Buses used during the the Olympics, the ones that burn Hydrogen Gas, have ALL been sent to the US for a refit.

A refit that will convert them from Clean Hydrogen Gas to Dirty Diesel Fuel.

I am still trying to get more info on this possible travesty. I can find no public information on this situation, and if I do I will report it here.
Also this just in.....An anonymous user reported at The Straight Goods that CBC was reporting on an OIL SPILL in the Peace Country. I am watching the news right now and can not find anything on this.

Rainbow Incident Information Page

On this page you will find a description of the Rainbow pipeline system, the incident that was confirmed on 4/29/11, media statements and remediation efforts.  Plains is under no obligation to keep this website updated; however, we will attempt to update this page as the situation merits.

Description of Rainbow Pipeline SystemPlains Midstream Canada, ULC is the 100% owner and operator of the Rainbow system, which consists of a 480-mile, 20-inch to 24-inch mainline crude oil pipeline extending from the Norman Wells Pipeline located in Zama, Alberta to Edmonton, Alberta and 114 miles of gathering pipelines. The system has a throughput capacity of approximately 220,000 barrels per day and transported approximately 187,000 barrels per day during 2010.

Description of the incident/initial responseAt approximately 7:30 a.m. (Mountain time) on April 29, 2011 we confirmed a release of crude oil along a remote section of the Rainbow pipeline, in the Evi area, located east of Peace River, AB. 

We have initiated our emergency response procedures. Valves in the pipeline have been closed, isolating the damaged area of the pipeline. Southbound flows from Nipisi remain in service. 
Environmental assessment staff, spill response specialists, and monitoring equipment are being mobilized. Our crews are working to contain the spill, minimize its impact, and begin clean-up efforts. 

Plains has contacted appropriate regulatory agencies, as well as local municipal government officials.
Updates (In reverse Chronological Order)
12:30 p.m. MST -- Thursday, May 5th

We have recovered approximately 300 m3 (~1900 bbls) of the oil.  (approximately 7% of estimated spill volume).   Recovery efforts continue 24 hrs per day. 
8:00 a.m. MST -- Thursday, May 5th
Physical pipeline repairs have been completed.  We are awaiting regulatory approval to restart the line.  The oil has been contained and recovery efforts are ongoing. 
1:00 a.m. MST -- Wednesday, May 4th

The pipeline has been excavated and examined by the Alberta authorities.  Based on this inspection and the recently interpreted results of
pipeline integrity tool runs, it appears this is a singular failure and not a systemic problem.  Plains is working to repair the line and bring it into service as quickly as possible. 
11:30 p.m. MST -- Tuesday, May 3rd
Plains Midstream Canada (PMC) is fully engaged in an aggressive response to a pipeline spill in northern Alberta on the company’s Rainbow Pipeline.  The oil is physically contained within a 0.8 kilometers (half a mile) by 50 meter (150 feet) area.

Facts about the emergency response:

  • Since day one, PMC has engaged in a 24-hour response effort. 
  • PMC Sr. Management was involved from the onset and arrived on the scene within 12 hrs to lead the response effort.
  • The spill site is located in a very remote and densely forested area, requiring a substantial construction effort in connection with oil recovery efforts.
  • Two roads were built through the forest so workers and equipment could be transported to the north and south ends of the spill site.
  • PMC secured 1400 wooden mats (“rig matting”) from across Alberta to build temporary wooden access roads over the soft muskeg conditions.
  • Approximately 100 response personnel are currently on the scene and involved in recovery and remediation operations. 
  • Specialty all-terrain heavy equipment were on site since day two, including 10 amphibious track-mounted vehicles for transporting workers and material. 
  • Three transfer stations with tanks and trucking facilities have been constructed to facilitate the transfer of collected oil and servicing of vehicles.
  • Electrical generators are on site and 25 lighting plants are being used so work can continue through the night.
  • 46 pieces of heavy equipment have been brought to the site to support the cleanup.
“We have a full complement of specialists at the scene,” stated Roy Lamoreaux, Director Investor Relations.  “We have secured all necessary people and equipment for our response and cleanup effort."
“The oil is in place, and we expect to retrieve a substantial portion of this spill with our recovery equipment.  A remediation program will follow the cleanup, which will include removal and replacement of contaminated soil and replanting vegetation on the affected area,” said Lamoreaux.  
PMC is working closely with a number of regulatory agencies including Alberta Environment and the Alberta Energy Resources Conservation Board “ERCB,” and providing reports to other government agencies involved in the spill. 

1:30 p.m. MST -- Tuesday, May 3rd
- 3 skimmers are now deployed on site (up from 2);
- Another 2 skimmers are on site and will be established to increase collection rate;
- Oil collection and removal continues.
- 1st stopple fitting installed and plug set isolating the rupture from the north side further isolating the rupture from the north;
- 2nd stopple fitting welded, plug to be set Tuesday further isolating the rupture from the south;
- Replacement pipe has been hydrotested.   
- 3rd party lab has been appointed and protocols established for analysis of failed pipe section (to be sent to lab post inspection by ERCB);
- Target to have physical line repair completed by end of this week;
- Actual restart timing contingent on regulatory approval.
Investigation into cause continues.

5:40 a.m. MST – Monday, May 2nd
 -- Oil recovery operation continued through the night.

 -- Product collected on site and shipments to Nipisi commenced at 2:50 a.m. (ahead of the 4:00 a.m. target).
9:30 p.m. MST – Sunday, May 1st 
--Approximately 100 response personnel on site.

-- Road access with rig matting is complete at South entrance to spill site. (The spill site is located in a wet/muddy and wooded environment, which has required substantial
    work to provide vehicle access.  Work required to provide access includes: clearing trees and building a road of timber “rig matting” so rubber-tired vehicles can travel on the 
    newly matted roads);

-- Oil skimmers have been established and oil collection has commenced;

-- Plains Midstream Canada's Nipisi terminal (south of affected area) configured to accept delivery of skim oil;

-- Continuing to place matting to establish road access to the repair site and north end of the spill;
4:20 p.m. MST -- Saturday, April 30th   

-- Remediation efforts are ongoing and active 24 hrs per day.  The following resources have been deployed to assist in the remediation efforts:

- 63 response personnel are now on site, another 41 are enroute or on standby nearby;

- 46 pieces of equipment are on site including: vehicles, generator sets, office trailers, spill response trailers, medial aid equipment, etc.;

10:50 a.m. MST -- Saturday, April 30th
-- Approximately 50% of the daily volumes handled by Rainbow (movements from Nipisi south to Edmonton) are unaffected. 


Anonymous said...

This is another disaster. The spill is much larger than they thought it was. This is why, we must fight the Enbridge pipeline, and the dirty Chinese oil tankers, they are trying to force on BC.

The Alberta dirty tar sands, are also causing more of an environmental disaster, than they first thought as well. The huge Athabasca watershed is now contaminated. Our clean drinking water being contaminated, is bad news. They don't stop to think, we can't drink dirty oil. The dirty tar sands, are an abomination, on the face of Canada.

Shame on Harper and Campbell, corruption and greed are their mantra, and to hell with the country, the environment, and the people.

Harper did say we wouldn't recognize Canada, when he gets through with our country. You bet we won't, our country will be a polluted wasteland.

Gary E said...

I kept watching the BC and Alberta news for anything more on this spill. In surfing channels I may have missed it but I don't think so. The only report I saw on this was on Jill Kropps' 11 0'clock news. Did anyone see anything els in the Firestarters or radio or TV.