Christy Thinks She Can Solve The HST Mess

     Well Ms. Clark I have news for you. I would possibly be able to believe that you could do that if it were not for a few bumps in your road.

     The major problem you have as I see it is that you refuse to repeal the legislation. And that is precisely what the people want. We don't want this tax shift onto our backs. We want it gone. Your government has lied to us from the getgo. The government has said prices will go down. Lie number one. They have said unemployment will be reduced because of this money grab. Lie number two. They have said the province will have to repay the 1.6 billion. Lie number three. They have said that it will attract investment. Show me the proof of that. You have said it is revenue neutral, the biggest lie of all.

      The next problem you have is a finance minister that alludes in the press that he won't remove the PST on restaurants. All he is doing is inflaming the masses and alienating the restauranteurs from the rest of the business community. He makes crass statements and I believe he either doesn't have a grasp of the situation, or he is being deliberately provocative. Most likely the former.

     And your blatant spinning of the situation doesn't fool anyone. It's not that you rolled out this money grab wrongly, it's that you steamrolled it out at all. We don't want it.

     Every time your government opens their mouth on this situation you just keep putting your foot in it. You are fighting tooth and nail to placate the already under taxed big business in this province and the people see this sham for what it is. More money in the pockets of the rich at the expense of the poor.And done without the consent of the poor I might add.

     All the stall tactics in the world will not help you. And that is just what you are doing. Stalling. You are trying to move this as close to the next election as you can. And as I see it right now you know the people will reject the act. So your other option is to hold an election before the referendum. How are you going to run your campaign? By ignoring the voters town hall meetings? By keeping silent on this issue? By professing doom and gloom if it is repealed. Give us a break.

     Well, we're as mad as hell and we are not going to take it anymore.

     Save us the 6 million of our tax dollars that you plan to spend on your propaganda. Stop the lies. Remove the legislation.




Jim said...

I wonder what the total cost of all the associated propaganda for the HST is to date, between Gordo and Christy?

Also, I know a lot of people are still pissed off, but after the may 2nd election I'm not so sure they will actually do anything about it.

Anonymous said...

The HST was a scam of, Campbell, Hansen and Harper's, the HST was designed for big business. There are no jobs. We are not saving money. The BC people are worse off than ever before, because of the HST.

The HST has been around since last July. Big business is saving a lot of money, but, no money has trickled down to the people. The businesses are spending their saved money on bonuses, new vehicles and renovations at their places of business.

It's all b.s. as, the BC people said the HST was. You would have to be pretty damned stupid not to see, the HST has been thieved from the people, to give to big business. They can cut the crap, and just say, we are stealing the HST, for the greediest giant corporations in the world. Because, that's the truth.

The referendum, is another scam.. Falcon said, he did not have to honor the HST referendum. We also have to trust Elections BC, who we caught in corruption during the recall. No-one even believes Christy really won the vote anyway.

EBC even allowed Christy to have a photo shoot, right outside the electoral building. She was campaigning the people going in to vote. EBC would have disqualified Eby on the spot, if he did such a thing. The BC Liberals, are famous for cheating to win.

However, there is nothing in this province, that isn't corrupt.

Gary E said...

Jim, that's a very good question. I can tell you this. It will be in the tens of millions at least. And anyone who is taking the time to figure this out should look at whatever the Feds input was, and the millions that Hochstein used from his big business people. Some of whom are pretty pissed at what he did.
Anon 3:57pm right on all counts.

Anonymous said...

Hope you all listened to the Bill boring shill with Michael Levy as the y day after day tell us we are crazy not to like the HST. I think they must stack the lines with Pro hst callers.

Gary E said...

Anon 2:44pm

Of course they stack it. The thing to do is when the person asks you what you'd like to talk about thel them that you'd like to point out the pros on the Tax. Then when they put you through start ranting against it.

Have all your ammo in front of you because as soon as no Good figures out what's happening he'll try to cut you off. He'll talk over you but keep talking louder until they turn down your volume. Maybe if enough people do this others will catch on to what is happening.