MLA's Running Scared :Supported by Big Business

Anon 6:39You have hit on something here that needs a little expansion."the wishy washy people in this riding who claim that Ida is so nice, she works hard and should be left alone."
That statement is being used by virtually every MLA that is up for recall. It's the party spin right out of the PAB in Campbells office.
(The same morons that visit this and other blogs that regularly dis the government in this province)

And therein lies two problems. These MLA's either can't or aren't allowed to think for themselves.So for a party that is run by big business who would these MLA's be backing.You guessed it. Big business.

Now say a business has 20 employees. Those 20 employees voted for someone else other that the sitting party. They expect to be heard because they are voters just as are the people who voted for that MLA. But the money lies in the donations to that party from big business. So 20 people who voted for something don't mean diddley squat in BC. One vote from the business owner means everything. Why? Because he has the money.

So the MLA can't think for themselves and big money, not the voter is driving them.

Now. Here in BC we have a mechanism for getting rid of any MLA for any reason should the electorate so choose. That mechanism is called RECALL.
But  something else comes into play. Big money could lose their voting power if recall is successful. So they pull out all the stops and start a slander machine that is fully geared to discrediting organizers and telling you how good your MLA is. How much they are doing for you. They aren't doing $&!% for you. They are running scared and (with the full backing of the Mainstream Media) are slanting interviews and having photo ops the like of which we don't even see in a full election. They have their pictures taken with projects that they weren't even involved in.
Historically people have believed in what they read in the papers. I contend that the majority have never heard the saying that "you can't believe half of what you read in the news."
Just look at what happened in the BC Rail Trial. The only time you read anything was in a blog or an online paper. If the buzz got loud enough it was sparsely reported in the MSM Even then they twisted the facts and called bloggers names like "conspiracy theorists" "nut jobs" "wacos". And Why? Because the reporters who were supposed to be reporting facts to you were manipulating their columns so that what you read inferred that something else was being done.
It was only when the government shut down the trial that the papers would report on the case and even then they twisted the facts.
I have perceived something else that has come into play. And that is that NO MAJOR PARTY wants recall to work. And my friends that is for very obvious reasons.
Things have gotten so bad in this province that some very good bloggers have been attacked. Bill Tielemans'
 office was rampaged during the discovery protion of the BC Rail Trial.
BC Mary, GrantG, and Kootcoot have been threatened. And most recently Laila Yuile, who uncovered the shadow tax, was physically attacked. And I'm fairly sure that others in the blogosphere that hold the governments feet to the fire have been the subject of , if not attacks, then at least investigation. Even I have not escaped the dirty tricks.
So, it's time to wake up the masses. Tell you friends where they can get the real news and discuss it with others. Unlike the MSM, who, if they don't cut you off. will cut off the whole comment section.


Anonymous said...

Great post Gary - it is being sent out all over this morning.

refedbcdotcom said...

Gary you have presented an accurate and honest evaluation of the current system of government, as well as the resulting legacy of a corporate controlled Liberal government.

Anonymous said...

BRAVO! far and wide it is!

Anonymous said...

The BC people have learned, just how low Campbell and the BC Liberals are. The election lie, the BCR wasn't for sale. The election lie, the HST wasn't on Campbell and Hansen's radar. The theft of our rivers, which will put up our hydro bills, 55% higher.

We have had, canvassers stalked by, people in dark clothing. A canvasser was screamed at, by two people coming out of a pub. Ida Chong, was seen across the street watching. The two most honest people of Elections BC, were let go, so Campbell could put another of his butt kissing boys, to do his dirty work for him. Campbell and Craig James sent the RCMP, to terrorize an elderly lady in her eighties and other residents, so they would be too afraid, to sign the recall petition. They also, were willing to do, Campbell's dirty work. Campbell enlisted the help of, Hochstein of ICBA, to lie and intimidate recall signers. Hochstein took his membership list, off his web site, too late though. Seems, the members of ICBA, knew nothing of, Hochstein's boast, he has over,$2 trillion, to fight the HST with. Some of the members of ICBA, have had losses, because of the HST. The BC Liberals, have now resorted to physical attacks. We want this disgusting, BC Liberal Party, the hell out of our province. And, they can take, all of their criminals with them.

Gary E said...

Anon 12:23

There are two things that I am not aware of in your comment.

1. The people coming out of the pub screaming with Chong watching. And:

2.Sending the RCMP directly to ANYONE, to make a point. I do know of the letters sent by EBC to intimidate people. Could you expand on these two items. I'd be very interested as would my readers.

Anonymous said...

The RCMP were told by Campbell and Craig James, to investigate the people who, mistakenly signed the HST petition twice. One of those people was an elderly lady in her eighties. She was so afraid, she said, she would never sign anything to do with this government, AGAIN EVER. Good grief, these people were threatened, they could be fined, up to $10.000, for signing twice. It was the very canvasser, who was yelled at, that reported that incident on line. Did you miss that??? Someone, had to give the list, to the RCMP. GEE I WONDER WHO?????

Anonymous said...

By the by Gary. The canvasser posted this incident, of her being yelled at, on the Fight HST web site. Do you not read that site? There were two people with observers badges on, hanging around this canvasser, I can't believe you missed that. The RCMP, WERE SENT to investigate SEVEN citizens, regarding duplicate signatures. What the outcome of that investigation was, we still haven't heard. The RCMP WERE DIRECTLY SENT, TO INVESTIGATE THOSE SEVEN PEOPLE.

Gary E said...

Okay anon 12:23/3:02pm/3:44 pm

I'm assuming here that you are the same person in each post. As BC Mary once said it would be easier for us if people used a moniker here of some sort to avoid confusion. None the less here goes.
First I don't think we'll get any hard evidence that Campbell is meddling. But any intelligent person looking at the situation could assume that.

Next. I do know of an elderly lady in her eighties who was sent a threatening letter by Elections BC. That persons error was actually caused by a canvasser not following up in their duties.

And.As far as I know the RCMP were not SENT to investigate seven persons. They were ADVISED of the matter, which happens to be an offense under the BC Elections Act and carries a maximum fine of $10,000 and/or incarceration of up to two years.. I suspect that the reason we have not heard the results of their INVESTIGATION is that it is not yet complete.
With all the dirty tricks going on not only by the Liberals but I allege by Elections BC I don't doubt anyones accusations they may want to post here. But we need more information when posting.
As for the question to whether or not I read the Fight HST site. Yes I do. And I even comment there under my own name. But I also read 11 newspapers in BC and two Nationally as well as about 30 blogs. Although I am retired I don't think there is enough time to read everything and for that reason I may miss a few things. Especially if a site (like mine)that doesn't post regularly, I don't revisit until I see something new.
Finally even though there may not be enough time to read (and absorb) everything, I am deeply involved in Recall and that takes up plenty of my time.
I hope this answers some of you concerns and keep the comments coming, only with a little more evidence. That may give me a little extra time in a day. And it may even allow me to go Ice3 Fishing.

Anonymous said...

Fine, have it your way, the RCMP aren't investigating 7 people, for dual signatures. I must have lied.

Here is my name...G. Woodward

Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention. I found out about the RCMP investigating 7 people for dual signatures, on a CTV post. They must also be lying.


Gary E said...


I am sorry if you have read in my explanations here that I called you a liar. Nowhere have I said that nor did I even think it.

What I was trying to explain was that there is a difference between "investigating" and being "sent" to someones house.

The RCMP are given evidence by EBC (and I allege it is selective) and the RCMP makes a decision to either submit, or not, their findings to the courts. They investigate. If they find no wrong doing they don't submit the evidence collected. Elections BC can't "send" any police force out just like you and I can't. The force makes that decision after investigating. I have never said they are not "investigating" anyone. So you have assumed that I have labeled you a liar without my having stated that. I do not think you are lying.

Just for your information I found out about 7 people being "investigated" 3 days before any MSM reported it. I also happen to believe that 6 of these people may not be charged with anything because of innocent mistakes made. The one person I suspect may face some sort of disciplinary action apparently deliberately signed the petition multiple times and made no bones about doing so even though they were warned by canvassers that they were breaking the law.
I appreciate your input here and I hope you return. But at the same time please don't read anything into statements here that are no in evidence.

Kim said...

Gary E. Thank you for your vigilence in this matter. It is the responsability of the retired to use their time to ensure the inheritance of our children. I always enjoy your blog and frequently link it. Happier new year to all of us my friend.