Elections BC Acting CEO Has Now Sat Longer Than Any Other Acting CEO

It's interesting to note the span between Appointments
of Elections BC CEO's and under whose watch.
Craig James has now used the office (temporarily) longer than
any other temporary Chief Electoral Officer.
Many people, including myself question this appointment. And now we are questioning it's length.
If things had been done properly the previous Assistant CEO would have been (with her 28 years experience) appointed the new CEO.
November 7, 2002 - June 5, 2010 Harry Neufeld Harry Neufeld
May 2, 1990 - June 6, 2002 Robert A. Patterson Robert Patterson
April 15, 1980 - May 2, 1990 Harry Morris Goldberg Harry Goldberg
June 1, 1968 - October 1, 1979 Kenneth Loudon Morton Kenneth Morton
April 1, 1947 - June 1, 1968 Frederick Harold Hurley
Frederick Hurley


Anonymous said...

Campbell of course, got rid of the two most honest people, Neufeld and Johnson, of Elections BC. He needed to have one of his butt kissing boys in charge, who was Craig James. Campbell picks the weak minded characters, he can manipulate to do his dirty work for him. That way, he can and will say, they are criminals and cut their throats, as he did to Basi and virk. Campbell stood over, his corrupt sale of the BCR, every inch of the way. Basi and Virk were the two patsies, that were following orders, from on high, and took all of the blame for Campbell. We know Campbell will use James, until he no longer has a use for him. Campbell will have to be forced, to remove Craig James. No doubt Campbell is running out of people, to do his dirty work.

Anonymous said...

Political interference at elections BC is a huge red flag into the corrupt governing of this province.
What really bugs me are the wishy washy people in this riding who claim that Ida is so nice, she works hard and should be left alone. Tell that to the next gulag who robs you blind then puts you in jail for something you said honey.

Gary E said...

Anon 6:39

You have hit on something here that needs a little expansion."the wishy washy people in this riding who claim that Ida is so nice, she works hard and should be left alone."

That statement is being used by virtually every MLA that is up for recall. It's the party spin right out of the PAB in Campbells office.
(The same morons that visit this and other blogs in the province.)
And therein lies two problems. These MLA's either can't or aren't allowed to think for themselves.So for a party that is run by big business who would these MLA's be backing.You guessed it. Big business. Now say a business has 20 employees. Those 20 employees voted for someone else other that the sitting party. They expect to be heard because they hired the MLA. But the money lies in the donations to that party from big business. So 20 people who voted for something don't mean diddley squat in BC. One vote from the business owner means everything. Why? Because he has the money.
So the MLA can't think for themselves and big money, not the voter is driving them.
Now. Here in BC we have a mechanism for getting rid of any MLA for any reason should the electorate so choose. That mechanism is called RECALL.
But now something else comes into play. Big money could lose their voting power if recall is successful. So they pull out all the stops and start a slander machine that is fully geared to discrediting organizers and telling you how good your MLA is. How much they are doing for you. They aren't doing $&!% for you. They are running scared and (with the full backing of the Mainstream Media) are slanting interviews and having photo ops the like of which we don't even see in a full election. They have their pictures taken with projects that they weren't even involved in.
I have a lot more to say on this subject and will be cross posting the comments here in another post.