Teztan Biny, Propaganda and Prosperity

     There appears to be a big propaganda blitz sponsored by Taseko Mines in the South Cariboo. Could all this activity be connected to the impending Federal meetings to begin in Williams Lake on March 22,2010? Probably.

     Radio stations and newspapers are carrying the message that this huge mining company will add 700 jobs for construction over two years and five hundred jobs over the life of the mine , twenty to twenty five years. And it will add millions to the local community.

     What I haven't heard is how much in taxes are going into the local coffers. Just what is the dollar figure. Oops we have a new HST ready to be sprung on us and a whole bunch of tax write offs for mining. Can you say that Campbell is screwing us further? I can.

     One of the adds , as I posted in another column states that they are "Protecting Fish and Water Quality"
     Now I ask How in hell can they make up such an outrageous bald faced lie and then of all things advertise it.
You see the problem with their lying is this. They plan to turn a pristine lake, native fishing hole, non native fishing hole, and part of a traditional native territory into a tailings pond. A goddam tailings pond. Displace 85000 native rainbow trout with m a mixture of acid and rock waste.

     Oh but wait. They have promised to replace the lake in another location. WTF?. Replace a whole lake? Flood habitat for countless fowl and  other animals? Give me a break here. Why would they move a lake instead of finding a place to store their tailings? What's going on? Is this not double jeopardy? Actually it may not be. It may be triple jeopardy. You see the lake waters flow to the Nechako River and that in turn flows into the Fraser. The mighty Fraser. The largest salmon bearing river in the province. Do ponds flood and dams burst?

     Well on that subject I think we have the answer. Bottom line for the investors. It's cheaper for them to destroy the environment twice than find a place to pump their waste.That's right folks, damn the environment we want money. And how do they cover their asses? Why tell the folks in the area there will be Jobs, and money. Bullshit.

     Is this the price they put on destroying the environment? A few million bucks. What a utter load of bullshit.

     I started to connect some dots on the environment and guess what. If the salmon farms are allowed to run amok as they have been under this (liberal) government then there will be no wild salmon in our rivers and streams. None. So now the big mining companies can say " well there are no fish to destroy if a tailings dam breaks". When you connect some dots you can see their logic in destroying the freshwater system in our province.

     There is a 40 minute low budget film Called Blue Gold: The Tsilquot'in Fight for Teztan Biny (Fish Lake).
This film will be viewed at an unspecified location as yet, in Williams Lake on March 21.2010. And it will be shown to the federal panel on March 22,2010.

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