Anti HST Rally in Williams Lake

For all my friends and readers in the South Cariboo there will be a Anti HST rally in Williams Lake tomorrow Saturday March 6,  1PM at the Herb Gardner  Park (City Hall Lawn).

In fact if anyone reading this has friends near The Puddle let them know what's happening.
And if you haven't confirmed your voter registration Please do it now.

Let's get this show on the road folks. It's time to stand up for yourselves and take action..


Anonymous said...

My name is Eric Freeston and I'm the regional organizer for the Citizens Initiative group. Otherwise known as www.fighthst.com. Myself and some friends organized the protest rally to let Donna Barnett know that when she stands in the Legislature to vote on the question of the HST... We want her to vote "NO!". The turn out was good with about 75 in attendence. We had a good cross section of people to speak to the crowd.

I just wanted to thank you for being willing to add your voice to the movement to kill the HST. Please encourage anyone you come in contact to write Donna Barnett and the local papers about your opposition to the HST.

Thanks again...

Eric Freeston

Gary E said...

Thanks Eric
Thanks for the update in Williams Lake
Watch for more here as I get more information. There should be a rally coming up soon in my area.