Disguising Campaigning in Photo-ops

Most know that I don't have ready access to TV. But Since the Prime Ministers visit I have noticed some pretty sneaky things coming out.

When Harper was last in town they (including Campbell) were promoting another fluff project. I don't remember which one it was. (there are so many). But during the PM's little promotional speech He mentioned that they needed the opposition on board.

My problem with the speech is that the whole thing gave me the impression that he was talking about the Opposition BC NDP. Being a thinking person I knew that he could only be talking about the Federal Opposition but I had the nagging feeling he was talking about our Provincial Opposition as well.

I put the thought aside until dinner at the outlaws a week or so later when I saw a news cast with Campbell saying the NDP should come on board. In equating the two I thought it a bit strange. Until the other night, again at the outlaws I saw the big Photo-Op on the Canada line. Stock Day was there with a bunch of lackies and there was the statement again. This time by Campbell remarking about a ferderal project that the opposition should get on board.

Now, this incident left it clear that Campbell was talking about the BC NDP. No one else. And he was using the Media Photo-Op to convey his opinion. So my question is, who is paying for these campaign style photo-ops?

Are the media being manipulated again? If so so they realise it? Are the opposition going to get the same opportunity to voice themselves in public about these projects without paying for ads.?

Food for thought.

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