CN Rail in Court in North Van

Case #49026 was in court in North Vancouver on Thursday March 19 2009.

Now, I usually check the court postings every morning waiting until around 0700 to do so. I'm pretty sure I checked all last week. But apparently I missed it.

So it's a good thing to do followups and check the "completed list" after I check the Court list.
The main reason I do this is because the completed list can tell us a lot about the disposition of a case or as I reported to BC Mary yesterday that things disappear quite frequently from the court list but you can sometimes find them in the "completed list". Not so for Case #23299 yesterday. But fortunately I did find #49026 this morning in the North Van Completed Court List.

CN Rails next appearance is for 25 May 2009 to enter a plea on count 4&5 under the Environmental Act sections 6.3 and 6.4.

I have no Idea what became of the third count. But the first two were tickets and were paid out before a court appearance.Did they plead the third one out or was it also a ticket? Did they make a deal? ie: drop the Third count to plead on the last two? I guess we will find out on the 25th of May.


BC Mary said...

Hi Gary,

I did appreciate your warning yesterday that the Basi Virk file had dropped off the court list.

Someday we may find out why.

Meantime, I clicked on your hyperlink BCMary and it's dead as a doornail ... maybe it needs a space between BC Mary?


Gary E said...

You were correct Mary. It helps if you print things correctly. It's fixed.

I saw your addition to the post. Thanks for that.

kootcoot said...

Today is the 25th! Gary, when referring to cases, it would be helpful if you specify whether the action is in Criminal or Supreme Court. In my estimation, the entire AG website is more of an attempt to appear transparent or appear to provide information than an honest effort. Online I can find more accurate and timely information about what is happening in courthouses in Riverside, California than in Victoria. But that is the whole strategy of the Campbell government - just like their phoney "green" policies.

They have an agenda, and they are busily accomplishing their goals while convincing the public, with the co-operation of their local lap-dog media that they are fiscally smart and environmentally pro-active.

The only thing green about the BC liaR party's Climate Change policies is the American corporate swag lining the pockets of the Cabal!

Global and CTV are, as we speak, appearing before the CRTC pleading to abandon what poor local programming/coverage they now provide. In the case of British Columbia, the loss of their coverage wouldn't be much of a loss. I can get almost as much coverage of local issues by reading Harlequin novels as their policy of either ignoring, marginalizing or slanting issues that affect the citizens of our province.

Gary E said...

I'm not sure if I understand what you mean by the 25th Koot. If you're referring to the next Cn Court date T
that is May 25th.

Nonetheless point taken on the Curt appearances. I sometimes assume that people know what I'm thinking.

BTW I broke my right hand yesterday And today I'm in a cast. So answers may come slower.

And thanks Koot for pointing that out.