Corky Evans, NDP MLA for Nelson Creston

The recent announcement and confirmation of the decision by Corky Evans not to run for provincial re-election in BC, and the Campbell governments arrogant decision to use closure on some (8) of the most important Bills this session which affect our everyday life, has prompted me to post this quote.

Corky Evans, NDP MLA for Nelson Creston: "You folks at home are being poorly served. You cannot hear the for-and-against sides because there's no 'for' side. When that happens in life, when you're offered two choices and you don't get to hear one of them, we could be forgiven — citizens could be forgiven — for thinking there might be a trick somewhere. What if one side of the debate has nothing to say and will simply pass it by virtue of a majority — a majority of silence? A majority of silence."

I'm sure we will miss this most colorful woodsman from the Kootneys via the USA. Not only has he been able to serve his constituents well but he has taken on some more diverse projects as well.

I wish you well Corky, but I have a question. Although we have politicians in the legislature that also don't always follow the pary line; Who could we get to fill your shoes?

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