CN Rail case #49026

CN Rails court case #49026-1 begins in North Vancouver Court this morning. Anyone who could attend and report her or to the Legislature Raids Blogsite (link in left column) would be greatly appreciated. The case is in Room 002 at the North Van Provincial Court House before the honorable Judge Moss at 9:30 am.

I think everyone remembers the disastrous derailment of chemical railcars that emptied into the Cheekamus River a couple of years ago.(dates forgotteen). But this spill was so disasterous that the governments (under)estimate was that 500,000 fish were wiped out. No one even talks about the bears, cougars, moose, deer, eagles, nor a miriad of other animals and water fowl that were affected.
Charges were delayed in this case until the Squamish Nation filed a lawsuit. Their patience had run out. But after the Nation filed, the environment ministry finally acted.
May of us here can't get to these courtcases in the lower mainland and would really appreciate some help.
I have a sneaking suspicion that the MSM (and I hope I'm wrong) is not going to cover this disaster which happened on Our BC Rail line.


BC Mary said...

Your presumption was correct, Gary.

It is my self-inflicted duty to read all three of B.C.'s CanWest daily newspapers each morning and I can tell you, there was no report of the court case against CN for the damage resulting from the CN spill into Cheakamus River.

A serious act of omission, if you ask me.

Which reminds me of another trifling bit of news you probably won't see in Vancouver Sun, The Province, or Victoria Times Colonist. I mean, we hear plenty about Premier Campbell's wonderful new Carbon Cap Thingy. Not this, though ...

Some bright spark worked it out, how much Greenhouse Gas is produced in the countries to which B.C. ships its coal. Not a happy total.

But hey, let's build a bigger port at Roberts Bank, wider bridges and another freeway to keep that stuff rollin', rollin', rollin' ...


Gary E said...

And along the lines of carbon tax: Why are people like you and I paying cash out of pocket to cover theis BS and big business Most of which cause the pollution in the first place, getting credits for it. What kind of utter nonsense is that. We pay for something they forced us to use and they get credits for producing it. Christ.