Canvassing Is Done. Now The Real Pressure Is On

Fight HST to deliver petition to Elections BC on June 30 at 1:00pm
All media are invited to accompany the Fight HST team for the delivery of the 700,000 signature Initiative petition to Elections BC on Wednesday, June 30th.
Petition proponent, former BC premier Bill Vander Zalm, will take the petition on the 11:00am Tsawwassen – Swartz Bay Ferry on June 30th, arriving at Elections BC at 333 Quebec Street in Victoria at approximately 1:00pm.
Mr. Vander Zalm and Fight HST organizers Bill Tieleman and Chris Delaney will be available for interviews during the ferry crossing and at the handoff to Elections BC.

There are three days left to July 1,2010. If this draconian money grab is not repealed by then there are several MLA's who will be fired by those who hired them. We are the boss here and we are telling you that you will not have a job come November if you do not do the right thing in the next three days.
We know full well that it is more difficult to get 40% in 60 days but there are people being recruited already to do this job.


Anonymous said...

They're not going to listen to the people of BC.

Recall in the Fall.

Where do I sign up?

Gary E said...

Anon 11:15AM
Do you wish to sign up as a volunteer? Or to sign the Recall Petition?
If it's the former then you have to realize some of the recalls are in the North and November it's starting to get cold. The canvassing will be very different. So to Volunteer you could either send a "Not for Publication" comment here with your email adress on it and the reason you are sending it.
Or better yet watch the Fight HST website for what is going on. I'm sure Cheryl, Chris, Bill or the rest of the gang will have the information there.

As to the second thing. Signing the petition itself will be a little more difficult. It's a completely different system. Each Riding has its own recall and they have 60 days to collect 40% of signatures in that riding. You can only sign the recall if you were registered in that riding in the last election, May 2009.
What you are doing in effect is FIRING your MLA. You hired him/her with a vote and you can take that vote back.

I hope to have more information up here to help anyone in the next few days. Right now I'm taking a break. And I already have six people to help with the recall in our riding. That is not to say I will be the organizer but after the Initiative I am in a position to be of great help.
Keep the pressure on your MLA. E-mail or phone their offices.