2008 Draws to a Close

As we near the end of another year I thought I'd list a few things that I deem are wrong in this society.

First and foremost is the looong loooong delay we are facing in the BC Rail/ Legislature Raids case.( we just passed 5 years from the unprecedented raid on our Legislature on December 28th 2003. I so dislike adding gate to the end of anything. It only reminds me of Watergate which if some of you don't know is the name of a hotel in DC where some political shenanigans brought down a sitting US President. The issue was American not Canadian. And in that case two reporters kept digging and digging with the help of a former FBI agent to get to the bottom of things.
Sadly in this day and age in this province we have no Mainstream Media reporters, editors, or companies digging into and /or publishing what is quite possibly the biggest scandal this province or country forthat matter has ever seen.
Fortunately what we do have is a pitbull of a blogger BC Mary, a political commentator Bill Tieleman who has been the lead in this case from the start, a retired professor Robin Mathews who gives us much valuable information and a few other blogsites on the net such as myself, House of Infamy, The Gazetteer, and the unbelievable Sean Holman of Public Eye, who care enough to keep this case alive and as much in the forefront as we can.
Now, I said above that there are reporters included in the non reporting of this case but that is not quite correct. They aren't reporting through their papers, for whatever reasons, but there are other ways to report. For them we can be thankful.

The second thing on my list is the present political party in power in Victoria.
This is government that in the past two elections have promised the moon and given us a net result of nothing. And here I can't see why some of their MLA's have not crossed the floor to sit as independents or for another party.
Just a few of their broken promises are #1 I will not sell the railway. Technically they are correct here. I maintain they didn't sell it , they gave it away. And as of next year we aren't going to own any of it. Squat. Nada. Just watch.
Thirdly they promised 5000 long term health care beds for seniors in BC. This has not happened.
Then they were going to erase homelessness and they made a big deal of buying up slum hotels only to put this on the back burner. I maintain that they are going to sweep the homeless from Vancouver out to the interior and develop the hotels for profit during the 2010 Olympics. That to me is the only thing that makes sense of how this is being handled. The new Mayor of Vancouver is the only one to actually jump started the erasing of the homeless problem.
They were going to have open cabinet meetings and that fizzled when they figured it may cause them grief.
The biggest joke was that they were going to have a sustainable forestry program. What a farce. Try telling the unemployed loggers and millworkers in BC that it's working.
And they were going to eliminate government funded advertising. I've written before on the blatant advertisement showcasing their money giveaways. And now I've seen a new one. They just had to start the new add with the Fast ferry problem. Funny I don't see any mention there of the 500 million dollar cost overrun for the convention center that I believe is closer to a billion dollars. Or the present problems with the new ferries.
Finally for this post I want to mention the minimum wage. People in this province are making $6.50 an hour. I was making that wage back when gas cost twenty-five cents a gallon. My auto insurance was 24 dollars a year.
These people are on what is called a training wage. So for six months they get this amount. And there is nothing in the labour code to stop companies from letting them go at the end of that time. The code has been gutted. As has much of the other legislation that protected workers.
It wouldn't be so bad if Gordon Campbell hadn't refused that increase then with a straight face voted himself the golden egg. Along with his cronies.
I will never be able to comprehend how out of touch this man is with his fellow human beings. He lacks any compassion whatsoever.

The list is so vast it boggles the mind. Everything seems to be on hold till after the next election.
And his spin doctors have seized on another spin. They say (and of course he agrees) that he is the most qualified to handle the economy. Handle it for who? The corporate welfare bums? I think not. What he is actually doing is telling us to vote for him so he can further hide the mess he has created for this province. You see if someone else forms a government I believe that this man will go to jail. (unless of course he takes a lesson from Bush and votes himself a pardon.)

I want ot take this opportunity to wish my friends and even those who are not so friendly a happy and prosperous 2009. And I think the only way you are going to prosper is to vote for anyone other than the BC liberals. Gary E


Richard said...

2010 HOMELESS CHAMPIONS Vancouver, British Columbia
Phone (778) 899-7111

Press Release
Contact: Richard McLaughlin
Phone: (778) 899-7111 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
9 A.M. PDT, December 31, 2008

VANCOUVER, BC, DECEMBER 31, 2008: This website is dedicated to telling the stories of the unfortunate individuals living in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver in the hope that awareness of this problem will spur people to get involved, to let all levels of government know that something has to be done to alleviate this misery rooted in addiction, homelessness and depravity. To point the way to recovery from addiction, which we believe is the root of most of this situation. With the 2010 Olympics coming to Vancouver it is our mandate to record the transition and the extreme changes that are even now occurring and will continue to unfold in the Downtown Eastside.

Bill Tieleman said...

Thanks for your kind words Gary and all the best to you and your readers for a great 2009! Maybe even a trial!

Gary E said...

richardmcl: thank you for pointing me to your new site on homelessness. I read your front page but since I am on dialup I would be here forever trying to see your movies. In any event I am very pleased with what you are doing and have added your link on the left of this page. Good luck in you quest.

Gary E said...

You are welcome Bill.Happy new year to you and your family. And thankyou ever so much for all the excellent work you have been doing on the Basi/Virk trial. Your AtoZ piece is brilliant. I've read the comments and not surprising, at least to me, you have jogged a few memories and given new information to the masses.

I would like to remind readers here that Bill is not always able to be in court and neither is Robin Mathews. So if you have a dull day and are wondering what to do, just take a pen and some paper to the Basi/Virk trial to the courthouse. I'm sure you will find it interesting and you may be the only one reporting. I.m sure BCMary would greatly appreciate your input.

Anonymous said...

I am wondering if the Alcan fiasco should be on the list? Gordon 'gave away' the upgrade to the Kitimat smelter so Alcan can sell the 'excess' power on the open market. I wonder how much his shares, which he apparently claimed he didn't know he had, earned for his already obscene retirement package? Greedy, eh what? And just where is Alcan spending their upgrade money? Why in Iceland of course. We really need a Danny Williams here in Victoria. Corporations (and their political carpet baggers) have to remember they use public resources and when they decide to go off to third world countries to max their profits they lose their right to those public assets. Trouble is they always take the best and leave the mess for the public (taxpayers) to pick up the costs of the clean up.

Gary E said...

Burgess you are absolutely correct. Alcan should be on the list. I picked a few things that really picked my butt but I think Alcan should have been there. What was it? Three attempts they made to get this golden package? And it was made a done deal by Campbell himself.
Danny Williams may seem to some to be an idiot at times but he is the ONLY Premier in this country that is standing up for the people that elected him. There are a few politicians here and there but Williams is far and away the most outstanding. As I said I this piece, when you next vote in BC vote anything but BC liberal. My reasons? First Campbell is running the show and second none of his MLA's has the cajonis to stand up to him and or cross the floor. NONE. If Campbell gets in again we may never know the truth as to where, and how much of, our money has disappeared.

Anonymous said...

Just a little note to add here, Gary E:

I think the BCRail case is important for at least two huge basic reasons:

1) because it was Canada's 3rd largest railway and just slid out of our hands and into private pockets on a still-secret deal,

2) because that rotten deal probably shows us how everything else is handled under the current regime, such as BC Hydro/Alcan ...

I kinda figure the BC Rail Case is the key.

BC Mary.


Anonymous said...

"Stan Hagen, B.C.'s minister for Agriculture, has died, Premier Gordon Campbell announced Tuesday evening.

Campbell, in shock over the sudden death of a man he had known for 20 years, told The Province last night that he had spent the afternoon Tuesday with Hagen.

"I had a meeting with him and we met the cattlemen," he said. "Some 3 hours later I was told he had been taken to hospital by ambulance and passed away."

The meeting lasted for about an hour, said Campbell who talked with The Province late Tuesday night."

The question is Premier, is this one hour meeting with the Cattlemen noted in your calendar as Lobbyists? And will the meeting show up in the registery toute suite?

Gary E said...

A very good question Anon 5:59 AM.

I hadn't seen this comment by Campbell. Unfortunately I was at the inlaws where they have TV and did see a lot of Campbell capitalizing on the photo-ops that were available. And how hoakey was that piece on him laying the rose.

Unlike most of the sitting MP's I found Mr Hagan to be a very forthrite and hard working man.Living in cattle country I am fully aware of what he has tried to do. I'll bet he never worried about earning his wages.

I was wondering just how important this meeting was to have Campbell there? Did he not trust Mr. Hagan?
I think I'll ask around.