NDP not Harper are "on your side"

I said elsewhere that the first party or leader that made an issue of the price gouging by the oil companies would get my vote. Jack Layton said it in TO on September 13th 2008 and his party now has my vote. Of course there was never any doubt that I wouldn't vote Liberal or Conservative. But the Marijuana party (who have no candidates in my riding yet) and the Green Party just lost out.

“If oil companies collude on prices they’ll be prosecuted.”

TORONTO – New Democrat Leader Jack Layton told over a thousand cheering supporters today that the “George Bush era is coming to an end and so is the Stephen Harper era!”

Taking aim at price-gouging, especially the current leaps in gasoline prices at the pump, Layton said “the endless rip-offs that suck dry the budgets of working families have got to stop – and when I’m elected Prime Minister, New Democrats will stop them.”

Layton blasted Prime Minister Harper for pouring billions of dollars in tax cuts into the pockets of already-rich and powerful corporations. Layton said “As Prime Minister, when it comes to taking on gouging at the pumps, I’ll watch your back.”

“It’s time for a Prime Minister who will start building a fair, prosperous, sustainable Canada, a Prime Minister who stands up for you.”

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