Whistleblowersbc makes a challenge

Whistleblowersbc has issued a challenge for everyone to try and expose people behind what is happening in this province. I agree and I think it's a fair challenge and have reprinted it here for the benefit of anyone who hasn't read their blog it's at http://whistleblowersbc.blogspot.com

Listen up: I am issuing a personal challenge to all media artists, activists, writers, bloggers and journalists out there to break out and start using their mad skillz, gifts and talents to help expose the mofos to our citizens and help win BC back for all of us. It is OUR province and we want it back. We can do this, it is within our reach and we have the ability to do this together.

If you have information send it as a comment. If you want to have the information known but not published precede it with NOT FOR PUBLICATION. If you need further security don't volunteer information as to where you live or work or where relatives work. You can also use the anonymous ID [Gary E]

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BC Mary said...

Jeez, Gary? You challenge us to expose the "mofos" ...

What the heck is a "mofo"?