Whistleblower Threats

There is a very interesting developement on BC Marys' blogsite The Legislature Raids about how whistleblowers from some quarters in the ICBC Scandal have been threatened. A person who calls themself Express Collision Shop has reported the threats. He goes on to say that the police have been made aware of these threats.

Now I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I know that threats to anyone for any reason is a criminal offense. And if the RCMP are aware of this, and it is true, it should be reported to the public. I personally have no doubt that what this person says is true. They have been reporting on this case from the get-go and have been quite accurate in what they are reporting. Get the mainstream media on it NOW. This is outrageous.
There is a link to the Legislature Raids in the left column of this page.

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