What we have heah is a failyuh to communicate

Last night just as everyone was getting off for the weekend the illustrious government of the Province of British Columbia let out a news release.

It seems that the Solicitor General of this province, John Les, resigned his position as the top cop. Why, you ask. Well it seems that he has been unser investigation for the past 9 or 10 months for possible conflicts in land dealings while he was mayor of Chilliwack.

Now, with the way things are being handled in BC since 2001,it really doesn't surprise me what goes on in the most secretive dictatorial government in the western hemisphere. But in this case a "Special Prosecutor" was appointed last June. This fact was never released to the public or the media. It was only when the CBC made an inquiry that it was confirmed. And only at the last minute of the last working day of the week. Had it not been for Vaughn Palmer working a little late we may not have had this info on the Blogoshpere until next week. Of course everyone has picked up on it by now, and questions will be asked.

I have a few myself.
1.Why was this fact (the appointment of a Special Prosecutor) not released till the CBC questioned it?
2. Why is the premier so ready to accept Les' resignation when he didn't resign himself after being charged in Hawaii with DUI?
3. Why does this government keep insisting on hiding things from the public (their employers) when they continually get caught?
4. And why doesn't this premier take a walk over tho the Lieutenant Governors office and have him abolish the legislature?

In fact, why are the people of this province being so complacent and not massing to demand the resignation of this government who continually refuse to serve the people who elected them?

The secrecy and the lies have gone on far too long. As others have said they have become arrogant

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