Cariboo Chilcotin Recall Set to File Papers

The Cariboo Chilcotin Recall campaign has set a date to mail the application for recall of their MLA.And that date is February 15, 2011

The core group of people that are involved are mostly from the Initiative Petition Campaign and have worked hard since that campaign to develop a system that may help them recall their MLA.

They would also like to thank the people of Oak Bay Gordon Head, Comox Valley, Kamloops North Thompson and the many other recall people involved in Campaigns around the province for their input.

We realize that there is a lot of work to do and to that end there can never be enough canvassers. So if you'd like to help by canvassing or in any other way we will be setting up a Facebook site in the next couple of days and hope to find the means to set up a website.

And it takes money  to do these things. Unlike the present government we don't have the support of big business, and small business is hurting badly in this riding with restaurants closing almost every week and small businesses in trouble. There will be information on where to donate, should you wish, on the Facebook Site.
That site is called Recall Cariboo Chilcotin and will be run by the bride. She will feed me all the information from the site and I will give her the answers. So don't despair if we don't get back to you immediately.

The media is already aware of the date and we will see just how they treat us. One thing in our favor is this blog. I will try to get all the information out I can but I know I'm going to be real busy. You see, I am the Proponent.

We will be running a clean campaign and to that end will not confirm or deny anything that is not related to what we are doing.

Although it is between -10 an -30C in some places up here the people are raring to go. And we dress for the cold.



Anonymous said...

I am unable to walk good enough, to help with canvassing. However, I will certainly donate. I will watch for the web site. The hard work and effort, you good people are doing for our benefit, is appreciated. The dirty tactics, by Campbell and Craig James to delay the recall, and the x-mas season, played havoc with the Chong recall. She really deserved to be booted out, for eating her way through $6,000 for her gourmet dining. She won't get in again. From what I have read, her riding says she is useless.

Gary E said...

You know anon 3:57PM there are many ways to help here. We can use volunteers to work the phones. Or to sit at "polling" stations and witness signatures. Although this campaign can't run on fumes or "scotch mist" as my grandfather used to say, we would certainly welcome donations. I will post a piece here in the next few days as to where and how donations can be made.
We had a phone number that was recently discontinued but we will have a new one up soon.