If You're Against Recall, You're Against Democracy


The statement in the  title here says it all. It was stated to me by one of our steering committee in the Cariboo Chilcotin.
Just while we're her I thought it may be prudent to tell you of something else that was passed on to me.
It seems that there may be people out there that might change their minds on the HST if it was dropped to 8%.
Now, for me that was good news and bad news. The good news is there is not a government in this provinve that would drop the tax to that level. The bad news is that the person who thinks like this is not very well informed.
What they don't see is that ANY government that said they would drop the price tag, would immediately raise it after they were elected. And by government I mean Federal Government. You see these people don't know that with the HST we have lost the provinces right to set our own taxes.
And for those who want to wait for the next election to see what happens to us over this draconian Tax Grab I say, Why do you want to wait more than a year to stop this when they are stealing $200,000,000 every month from us. That's 200 MILLION folks.
They told us that this would create jobs. Did you see the news today? They told us prices would go down. Can anyone tell me which prices went down? Even food is going through the roof.
You are getting gouged every day folks. When are you going to say enough is enough.

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