Is Barnett Giving An Inch On Recall Or Just Blowing Smoke?

 Cariboo Chilcotin MLA Donna Barnett has come out with the following statement:

[snip]..Barnett said the public said it wanted a referendum because British Columbians didn’t have a say on the HST. “OK, now they’re having a say.”
Noting Freeston told the Free Press it doesn’t matter what [B.C. Liberal candidates say about the referendum] because it’s non-binding, Barnett said she wanted to go on the public record.
“I stand by what we said about what the referendum would do. If the people say they want to get rid of [the HST] during the referendum and the government doesn’t
abide by those wishes, I’ll become an independent MLA.”

The whole article can be found here:   

The problem with this statement is that the Liberal leadership candidates have been the usual "maybe" statements. Things like "might", "may", "possibly" or the inevitable "could". This type of statement is unacceptable. Using these words mean squat to me. Especially when remembering their past practices.

The 100 Mile Free Press has a comment section and I have left two comments there.

The Cariboo Chilcotin Recall Campaign has always, since the beginning, said we want this act repealed. Put it back the the way it was on June 29, 2009.

The present Legislation is non binding and the public is shoveling $200,000,000 per month into government coffers without ever having been consulted. In Fact when the restaurant and small business associations aske the direct question if the government was going to implement this money grab the were lied to by Gordon Campbell and Colin Hansen. "it wasn't on our radar" they said.

The larger problem I see here is that with this system we have given away our right in BC to set our own tax rates . With HST the Federal government now does that and there isn't a damn thing we can do about it unless we repeal the tax. What's to say after our next election that the Feds won't increase the tax to 15%. If the Liberals are re-elected they will say it was the feds not them. Wake up people.

So in the interests of the people in the Cariboo Chilcotin unless the Act is changed to reflect a 50%+1 binding vote and moved up considerably (say to May 1 2011)  at the next sitting of the legislature February 14,2011, then recall will proceed. Negotiations are over.  We will recall our MLA then get on with our lives. GaryE

Update The following comment was just posted under the above column
If you think the tax shift created by the HST is bad its nothing compared to what the BC Chamber of Commerce wants.  At the recent Liberal leadership candidate forum it was proposed that municipal business taxes be shifted onto residential rate payers.  They even went as far as to suggest that Municipalities are a significant barrier to prosperity.  Very scary stuff.


Anonymous said...

BC citizens, are very aware of the Chamber of Commerce, taking the part of, Campbell and the BC Liberals. They stabbed the citizens in the back. BC is a province of natural resources. The HST is of no benefit, to the BC people, who were forced to pay this asinine tax. Our BC HST, doesn't even stay in BC. That tax is sent to, Campbell's good buddy Harper. One more snake in the grass, out of many snakes. That is the last we have seen, of our stolen HST dollars. If you ask Campbell and Hansen, where the money is, we were supposed to save, by the merits of the HST, no reply??? We will not forget, Harper's part in that evil tax either, come Federal Election time. BC citizens, please review all of the businesses in your area, registered with the C.O.C. Be aware, some of the businesses, take their C.O.C. signs out of their windows, to hide that fact. I have been boycotting them, since the evil of all of this, has been exposed.

Gary E said...

Thanks for the suggestion anon 10:41AM

Something that people are not aware of in this area is that five restaurants have closed their doors. Four since Dec.23. Only one of those cannot attribute the closure to the HST. Further, we are apparently going to lose a local once very popular pub. Admittedly part of the problem is the new drinking laws.
But someone mentioned to me the other day that the price of liquor has not risen. Admittedly that appears to be true. But what the person didn't know is that under the HST the price was supposed to fall. But Campbell in his infinite wisdom held the price to its' former level. Now if a price was supposed to fall and it didn't then I allege there was an increase in the price. By 3% by the way.

Anonymous said...

Prices have not fallen, they have sky rocketed up. We knew Campbell and Hansen lied to the people. We citizens could see as plain as day, the HST was going to do a lot of harm, and it has. BC people shop in the U.S.A. because of the HST. They spend millions of dollars there. People close to the Alberta border shop there, because of the HST. Tourism took a bad tumble, because of the HST. It's as clear as day, big business, is forking over big bucks to Campbell, to fight to keep the HST. BC is dead last, at the bottom of the pile, of all the other provinces. BC had the highest number of job losses in Dec. There is going to be a huge number of job losses in Jan. The HST is killing BC, everyone can see this. But Campbell will keep up his dirty tactics, even though BC is crashing. Big businesses, are bottomless pits of greed. Does anyone have the actual tally, of how much big business are paying Campbell? I know, Hochstein, has over $2 trillion, he is willing to spend. Does anyone know, if the C.O.C. is also giving Campbell money, to keep the HST? BC people are living in, evil terrible times, in our province. Campbell's theft and sale of our assets, the destruction of our rivers. Some years back, he would have been tried for treason and hung, for his crimes. His face, is the true face of evil.